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The More You Do It, The More You Learn – 17 Sex Facts!

The More You Do It, The More You Learn – 17 Sex Facts!

No one would ever accuse us of underrating sex, but we do sometimes forget all the new things it teaches us – over the years, with each passing session! So we bring you our fav sex facts – you only learn it as you do it! #GoForMore


1. That sometimes morning sex is better than night-time sex.

What’s better than a great end to a day? A great start to the day!

sex facts 1

2. That having too much of it can also sometimes be a problem.

Because, you know, you do have to get out of bed and go to work and stuff. Lying around all day long because you have no energy left to do anything else isn’t really so convenient.

3. That it’s the BEST stress-buster ever.

Exciting? Yes, it is. But it’s also INCREDIBLY relaxing – it’s all those happy-hormones that are released in your body! Bad day? Sad day? Mad day? No worries, just f*** it off!

sex facts 3

4. That trying stuff out you watched in a porn movie is not always such a great idea.

You know that thing with the hot chocolate sauce? You could give yourself a blister. And REALLY ruin your sheets.

5. That a sex injury is a real thing.

Try telling your doctor you hurt your knee because you rolled off the bed while you were trying the “Bridge” pose. (Shame on you, Kamasutra!)

sex facts 5

6. That it gets better with time.

As you and your partner get used to each other’s bodies, you become more attuned to what exactly makes you tick. Result? Better sex, duh.

7. That sometimes you need to do something completely out-there to get out of a rut.

Yeah, it can feel a bit uninspired after a while. But it’s really not a problem – keep an open mind and try something new. (Start planning that sex vacay right now, folks!)

sex facts 7

8. That you can laugh when something awkward happens – and it’s fun!

Hey, you’re naked in someone’s bed, or they’re naked in yours. Awkward things WILL happen. No one’s perfect. What you can do, however, is not be embarrassed and laugh at the silliness of it.

9. That boys like cuddling too.

No, not all of them, but MOST of them. And they make for very good side pillows.

sex facts 9

10. That you get really hungry afterwards. And sleepy too.

This is very, very important to remember. Yes, there’s a whole lot of endorphin and adrenaline in your system, but you also just expended quite a bit of energy! So, eat up and rest up. (And then get going again, of course!)

11. That an orgasm can physically relieve pain!

.All that oxytocin is AWESOME – it basically acts as your body’s self-produced, natural analgesic. Forget the morphine, get high in the comfort of your own bed. 😛

sex facts 11

12. That sometimes you can even have an orgasm just by thinking about great sex!

Yep, it’s really amazing what good memories (and a little self-help!) can do for you. 😉

13. That talking dirty is an acquired skill.

It’s fun, and it can totally amp things up – but it DOES take a while to get used to. Usually, things that sound so good in the heat of the moment sound rather absurd in the cold light of day – giggling may happen.


14. That period sex is gross only if you think it’s gross.

If you think it’s normal, then it’s normal. Totally up to you and your partner.

15. That Kegel exercises do help!

Stronger pelvic muscles and better “control” for the WIN!

sex facts 17

16. That your “amateur home video” is more likely to make you smile than get turned on when you watch it later.

Since we don’t usually look as good as the hot people on TV screens do, and no one’s lighting us up and recording us just right, this ends up more as an exercise in emotional intimacy than physical arousal.

17. That YOU get better at it with time.

‘Coz practice makes perfect, yo.

sex facts 15

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05 May 2016

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