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10 Ways You’re Dreaming About Sex and What Do They Really Mean!

10 Ways You’re Dreaming About Sex and What Do They Really Mean!

Not all dreams are random scenes that pop into our head. At a deeper level they have some significance and can give us an insight into our subconscious state of mind. Amongst all kinds of dreams we have, the most intriguing ones are the ones about sex. So here’s a little insight into common sex dreams and what they mean.


Sex Dream 1. Sex With An Ex

This does not necessarily mean that you still love him. It is possible that you are still trying to brush off some superficial feelings or memories of him. If you are dating someone at the time you have such a dream about sex, there may be a possibility that you are feeling a tad insecure about your new relationship and how it is panning out. If the dream ends up making you feel a certain way, it would echo the way your ex probably made you feel. 1 sex dreams and what they mean

Sex Dream 2. Celebrity Sex

This dream about sex can mean different things for different people. For some, it may be associated with a strong attraction for the celebrity or a certain physical trait that turns you on. For other people it may have more to do with the desire to attain fame and fortune.

Sex Dream 3. Sex With A Girl

Homosexual dreaming about sex are indicators of an urge to accept the parts of yourself that you may not have been very accepting of in the past. Most of the times this person doesn’t really have a face and is just a body that you associate with a quality or a feeling. 3 sex dreams and what they mean

Sex Dream 4. Sex With A Faceless Stranger

This dream has more to do with you than to do with someone else. It mostly means that you are trying to be a more assertive and authoritative version of yourself and seeking control over life. This does not necessarily signify that you are waiting for someone or have a strong desire to have sex with a stranger.

Sex Dream 5. The One That Feels Like Cheating

Ever had a dream about sex that made you feel like you had just cheated on your partner with someone? More often than not, it does not mean you are going to cheat on your partner or vice versa. If you were the one cheating on your partner in the dream, it may mean that you are still processing some unfinished issues and are feeling guilty about something. And if he is the one cheating on you in the dream, it may have to do with the insecurities you have with regard to your relationship or because of your past romantic experiences.

romantic experiences. 5 sex dreams and what they mean

Sex Dream 6. Sex With A Platonic Friend

Relax, ladies. This does not necessarily mean that you are falling in love with him. Most of the time, sexual dreams are not about the person you see in them but about the quality you associate with him. A dream about having sex with a platonic friend has more to do about some quality or trait in him that you may find attractive than to do with actual feelings. Think about the qualities you associate with this person and you will realize that this is true.

Sex Dream 7. Sex With Someone You Hate!

Although this dream may feel bizarre AF, it is not that uncommon. This is just you subconsciously trying to connect with that person on some level. Or, it may also be something to do with a personality trait you really like in him despite disliking him as a person! 7 sex dreams and what they mean

Sex Dream 8. Sex In A Public Place

Ah, a racy one, isn’t it? Having sex in a public place can mean one of the two things. It may mean that the place you are dreaming about is dominating a lot of your conversations and consuming a lot of your time (your office, for instance). Or it may also mean that you are feeling a tad conscious about how other people are viewing your personal life.

Sex Dream 9. The Dream Of Being Caught In The Act

If you associate this dream about sex with an adrenaline rush, it may mean that you are craving some excitement in your life. If you associate this with a feeling of humiliation it may mean that you are subconsciously insecure about something in your relationship. There is something you are afraid of or guilty of doing which you do not necessarily want to own up to. 9 sex dreams and what they mean

Sex Dream 10. Sex With Your Partner

This is a again, a very common type of dreaming about sex. This may indicate a buildup of sexual energy, if you have not had sex in a very long time. If the sex was good it is an indicator of you being satisfied and happy with where you are in life. If the sex was average, it may point to some doubts or insecurities that you are battling. Images: Shutterstock, Giphy, Tumblr

22 Feb 2017

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