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Want To Try Yoga At Home? Here Are Seven Easy YouTube Tutorials For Beginners

Want To Try Yoga At Home? Here Are Seven Easy YouTube Tutorials For Beginners

The very first establishments to shut down amidst the coronavirus scares, our gyms, and good old aerobic classes show no signs of opening up anytime soon. And despite a number of relaxations already being announced, we can be sure that while our life might get somewhat back on track post the current lockdown, our workout routines would certainly have to wait. 

All that home time and restricted movement in the past couple of weeks haven’t helped out either. Add to it all that lockdown snacking, stress-eating, and the realisation hits that perhaps its time we focus on our fitness yet again. However, it might sound like a task with gyms being effectively closed for an indefinite period currently. Might we suggest an effective swap? Roll out that yoga mat and try your hand at yoga! And just in case you are foreign to the territory, fret not for we have compiled a list of seven YouTube tutorials that will keep you nicely covered. Scroll through:

10-Min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch By Kassandra

Obsolete as it might sound, stretching is very important for all kinds of workout routines be it a high octane Zumba session or some calm, serene yoga. Stretching not only preps your body for the workout but also saves you from a lot of injuries. Additionally, it opens up the body for you to reap the maximum benefits out of your workout routine. 

Surya Namaskar For The Win

A twelve-step yoga excercise, Surya Namaskar happens to be a full workout routine in itself and can do wonders to your body. Right from helping you to tone your stomach to amazing skin, this is the MVP of all the yoga exercises out there and might even convert you from a gym enthusiast to a yoga chick for real. 

30 Min Hatha Yoga for Beginners With ChriskaYoga

A full-fledged workout routine, Hatha yoga can help you work your entire body both internally as well externally. A beautiful confluence of asanas and Pranayam, this yoga practice can boost your immunity, add to your flexibility, and help you gain overall body balance.

Yoga For Strength By Adriene

Think strength training can only be done with gym equipment? Well, here’s a yoga routine that won’t only change your perception but will also help you with the kind of heavy-duty workout session.

Shilpa Shetty’s Quick Fix Yoga

Lack the patience and discipline that yoga demands? You should perhaps start with Shilpa Shetty’s quick fix yoga routine that’ll instantly elevate routine, help you with a nice workout in limited time, and get you excited about the entire idea of yoga. 

Yoga For Stress And Anxiety By Five Parks Yoga

In these are trying times and we can all do with a little respite. Even better if this respite comes with improved fitness, right? Get your mind off all the coronavirus anxiety with this fun and effective yoga routine.

Yoga For Gut Health By Sarah Bet Yoga

Believe it or not but our gut health is what determines our overall fitness and while you can go on and on with a workout routine, your gut health can easily undo the work if it’s not sound. Now as we move in limited spaces, a lot of people have been complaining of digestive issues and similar problems. Well, here’s a yoga routine that’ll nice take care of the same.

So ladies, all set with your yoga mats?

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