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7 Self-Help Books That’ll Make Life, Love And Work Easier

7 Self-Help Books That’ll Make Life, Love And Work Easier

Most of us scoff at the idea of reading a self-help book. It feels like a lot of gibberish that is meant to motivate us, but fails to do so. I mean, what can it teach us about life that we don’t already know? Turns out, a lot. The biggest lessons in life are the simplest ones and we often tend to forget or ignore them. These books are a reminder of those lessons and they really do point us in the right direction. So, here are seven self-help books you need to read to make life, love and work easier!

1. Size Does Matter



A step-by-step guide to a better life, this book stands out because of its practical approach to the problems and the solutions offered.

Price: ₹ 399. Buy it here.


2. Learn The Rules


Power is addictive, exhilarating and if used incorrectly, toxic. In this book, the author, through 48 practical and ruthless rules, helps you understand the how to be in control of yourself and your power.


Price: ₹ 699. Buy it here.

3. Who, Who, Who?



Through four characters, the mice Scurry and Sniff, and two ‘little people’, Hem and Haw, the author gets across one powerful message: Change is inevitable and anyone who doesn’t adapt gets left behind.

Price: ₹ 199. Buy it here.


4. Because Life Is Too Short


It’s one of the best help books in the genre for the chronic overthinkers.


Price: ₹ 199. Buy it here.

5. Love Actually



With the objective to improve relationships, the author states in this book that people express love in one of five ways: quality-time, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmations and receiving gifts. For each person, one specific act is more relevant and that is their language of love.

Price: ₹ 250. Buy it here.


6. Because It Does


How would you love yourself if loving yourself was the only way to save your life? Well, think about it!


Price: ₹ 1,010. Buy it here.

7. The Ultimate Trap



Your comfort zone is a trap and an alluring one at that. It’s designed to make you fail because you do nothing extra and achieve nothing extra. But this book comes in the form of a saviour, taking away your excuses and forcing you to do and be more.

Price: ₹ 255. Buy it here.


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13 Apr 2018
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