7 Self-Care Activities For 20-Somethings That Can Help Relieve COVID Anxiety

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  May 21, 2021
7 Self-Care Activities For 20-Somethings That Can Help Relieve COVID Anxiety


We are currently living through unprecedented times. And if you are in your twenties, this is probably the first time you are experiencing collective trauma. The second wave of the COVID-19 crisis has left us all feeling a myriad of emotions—anxiety, sorrow, grief and despair. But it is in these very moments of despair when we need to hold on to hope—no matter how hard it might seem.

The uncertainty surrounding us at this time has led to a lot of us feeling anxious and worried. But while we can’t control what’s happening around us, we can focus on taking care of ourselves and each other—we are stronger than we think! During these trying times, Phillips India is urging us to celebrate this spirit of resilience by making time to check up on ourselves and each other. So take a break from your busy schedule and focus on activities that relieve your anxiety and help you feel lighter. And remember, #KhyaalRakhna, because taking care of each other is the only way we can overcome this adversity.

Start Your Day With A Clear Mind


Meditation is a mindfulness practice that can help you achieve mental clarity, calmness and stability. It can just mean taking a few minutes every day to clear out the clutter in your mind and collect your thoughts. In fact, experts believe that starting the day with meditation for even 10-15 minutes helps you kickstart your day on a positive note. And if you don’t know how to do it, worry not—there are plenty of youtube tutorials that can guide you.

Skincare & Haircare Can Be Therapeutic

Taking care of your skin and hair can have a huge impact on your emotional and mental well-being. How? Well, the practice of massaging your face and scalp helps to relieve anxiety and calm your nerves. Having healthy skin and hair also makes you feel good about yourself, which in turn leads you to become more confident and positive. So get in your comfiest PJs and pamper yourself.

Engage In An Activity


When you are feeling stressed or anxious, it is easy to go down a spiral of negative thoughts. To stop this from happening, engaging in an activity that keeps you from overthinking can be of great help. This can include exercising—which has proven effects on your mental wellbeing, indulging in arts and crafts, playing with your pet or even cleaning your room. Focusing your energy on a physical task will help keep your mind occupied too.

Spend Some Time By Yourself

While it is utterly important to be there for your loved ones right now, make sure you spend at least an hour by yourself every day. Research has shown that spending time alone offers benefits like boosted creativity, greater empathy, and better productivity. This is the time to indulge in your favourite activities—this can include taking a long bath, watching your favourite show or just singing and dancing to some music. Do what makes you happy!

Read A Book To De-Stress


Reading is a habit that not only helps you escape to another world but also has several health benefits. Reading reduces stress, aids sleep, alleviates depression, builds your vocabulary, prevents cognitive decline, and lengthens your lifespan. So go ahead and find a comfy corner, grab your favourite book and get lost in its pages.

Prioritise Taking Rest

If you find yourself feeling sleepier than usual of late, it’s because stress can sometimes make you feel physically fatigued. So make sure you’re getting ample amounts of rest! Moreover, quality sleep can do wonders for our physical and mental health—from boosting our immune system, regulating our mood to increasing productivity. So don’t feel guilty for sneaking in an extra nap in the middle of the day. You need all the rest you can get right now!

So put your phone on airplane mode, disconnect from your surroundings and focus all your attention on taking care of your well being—you deserve it!

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This article is part of a social initiative called #KhayalRakhna by Philips. We hope to provide you with some comfort, relief and guidance as we power through these tough times. If you are finding it hard to cope, we encourage you to get in touch with a mental health professional.