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Selena Gomez Announces Launch Date Of  Rare Beauty & We’ve Already Got A ‘Fetish’ For It

Selena Gomez Announces Launch Date Of Rare Beauty & We’ve Already Got A ‘Fetish’ For It

Six months ago, on 5th February, Selena Gomez announced that she’s launching her own makeup brand, and we couldn’t keep calm!

Rare Beauty is a beautiful name for a makeup line and a shout out to her last album.

Just an announcement was enough to send the entire beauty community all over the world into a frenzy. All of us were counting down the days to summer so we can officially get our hands of every product but unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak delayed her launch.

But it seems like the beauty gods have finally answered our prayers as we now know the official launch date of Rare Beauty, and it’s much closer than you think! It is launching on…

*drumrolls please*

3rd September, which is less than a month away!

Selena took to Instagram to announce the official launch date and we already know that we won’t be able to keep our hands off them!

Selena has been promoting her makeup brand for months now, giving us a sneak peek of what’s to come. So what makes this such a rare brand? Selena says that she believes people should enjoy makeup and not feel that they ‘need’ makeup, and that’s what her brand is all about! “I feel that that’s who I am. I am very authentic and very real with my fans”, Selena adds. She also said her makeup line is meant for every gender and everyone can feel beautiful exactly the way they are.

YASS, you show ’em how it’s done Selena!

Earlier, it was revealed that her makeup brands will have 48 different shades of inclusivity, and we STAN a queen!

That’s not all, her Rare Impact Fund (which plans to raise $100 in the near future) will provide mental health services for the underserved communities and 1% of the annual sales from her brand, along with the funds raised by the partners will also contribute to this amazing cause.


The entire collection will launch on her official website, rarebeauty.com, Sephora USA, Sephora Canada, and Sephora Mexico! Sadly, there’s no news yet if her products would be shipped worldwide or not (but we’re keeping our fingers crossed) because the heart wants what it wants and RN, it wants to buy all your makeup products and support the beautiful cause behind it!

Selena is not the first music artist to step into the magical world of makeup. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga, Kesha Rose Beauty by Ke$ha are examples that something awesome is coming our way.

Are you excited or are you excited for the launch of Rare Beauty?

Featured Image: Instagram.

04 Aug 2020

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