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Selena Gomez’s Beauty Brand Advocates For Mental Health & It’s The Need Of The Hour

Selena Gomez’s Beauty Brand Advocates For Mental Health & It’s The Need Of The Hour

Selena Gomez just launched her beauty range called Rare Beauty and it’s all everyone in the industry is talking about right now. The singer and beauty icon shot to fame really early on in life and while that brought in glitz, glamour, and fame, it also came with its lows: constant media scrutiny for her body, always being in the limelight, and deteriorating mental health.

Because her journey hasn’t been linear or all-positive, Selena Gomez was determined to make others’ lives easier in this aspect. This is how her brainchild, Rare Beauty came into being two years ago.

Now, at its launch, Selena opened up about her own mental health and said, “My philosophy with makeup probably changed when I started having conversations with myself. I have talked very openly about my struggle with anxiety, depression, and mental health — it’s something I had to learn. On some level, I think everyone should find a way to learn that. With therapy, the time I’ve taken for myself has been reflected in everything I’ve been releasing.”

Rare Beauty is one of the few beauty brands globally that talks directly about mental health. Through this company, Gomez hopes that she will challenge beauty norms by talking more openly about self-acceptance and mental health. She puts her money where her mouth is through the newly created Rare Impact Fund, which will get one percent of the brand’s beauty sales. The goal is to raise $100 million over the next ten years to directly benefit “mental health services, with a focus on underserved communities.”

The Heart Wants What It Wants singer said, “I definitely challenge the idea that mental health and beauty can’t coexist. When you’re feeling a certain way inside, there’s always a part of you that reflects on the outside. I’ve had weight issues and inflammation, and I deal with my medical stuff, and for me, that’s when mental health and feeling good comes into play.”

The shades themselves are names that are dedicated to wellness and making mental health a priority. The Rare Beauty chapstick is called ‘With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm’ and the highlighter, ‘Positive Light Liquid Luminizer’. Even the lipsticks have names like Inspire, Ascend, Support, and Compliment.

OMG, this girl is an angel!

This brand is all about inclusivity with 48 shades of foundation and concealer and it’s about looking good (whatever your version of that is) and feeling great. We’re super stoked that this is finally happening and are excited that the beauty industry is going to get a jolt.

Selena, you’re our role model, keep being your gorgeous, honest, and accepting self. 

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Sep 2020

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