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Sayantani Ghosh Opens Up About Being Body-Shamed As A Teenager & It’s Making Us Furious

Sayantani Ghosh Opens Up About Being Body-Shamed As A Teenager & It’s Making Us Furious

It’s no secret that women across the world are intensely scrutinised for their looks. You’re either too fat, too skinny, too tall or too short—there’s no pleasing society! Sayantani Ghosh happens to agree with us. The actress recently opened up about being body-shamed and the effect it had on her. 

While talking to a leading daily, Sayantani revealed that she was body-shamed during her teenage years. She said, “I have faced such comments from my teenage years. One lady said, ‘you are not flat-chested, you are pretty okay, on the higher side, in terms of your breast size, you must be having a lot of sex, right?’ So she thought that if you have a lot of sex, your breasts grow. I don’t even know what was that supposed to mean. And I’m like… I was a virgin then.”


In the same interview, the Naaginn actress also opened up about facing the casting couch. She revealed that a popular filmmaker once suggested that she should spend ‘quality time’ with him so he could ‘train’ her for the role. “I have dealt with it and at times it depresses you. You start questioning yourself, ‘Is there something wrong with me? Am I the one who is giving out such vibes to the other person so they think they have the right to approach me that way?” she said.  Sayantani further shared that even if you aren’t at fault, all of this makes you question yourself.

Evidently, one’s talent is not enough and it certainly won’t save them from industry bullies. No one should have to experience casting couch ever. As for Sayantani, we’re proud of her for opening up about her ordeal. Here’s hoping the actress is in a better space now and doesn’t let such things bother her. 

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14 Mar 2022

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