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Brace Yourself: Not Mercury But Saturn, Venus & Jupiter Are All In Retrograde In May 2020

Brace Yourself: Not Mercury But Saturn, Venus & Jupiter Are All In Retrograde In May 2020

Last night was the night I’m never going to forget in my life. At around 3 am in the morning when everyone at my house was sound asleep, my paranoia of a crack on my bedroom ceiling expanding due to wet walls kept me awake. And before I knew it, a part of my ceiling fell right on my bed where I was sleeping. No, it’s not a dream sequence that I’m opening with for effect. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! My bedroom’s false ceiling fell right where my head was, smashing into my pillow like a piece of flan. I thank the Gods (read my reflex actions) that made me move just in time otherwise I would not be writing this article today.

Call it arrogant neighbours who refuse to fix their bathroom or a bad omen. But, the moment I read that three planets are in retrograde this week, it all made sense to me.

Now, I don’t mean to scare you with my still-very-real horror story and retrograde connection, but the fact is that three planets retrograde ( Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter) are starting this week. If you believe in astrology, you probably remember that the year 2020 began with the Mercury retrograde. It felt quite convenient to “blame it on Mercury” for anything that went wrong but what to do when it’s trouble times three? Coronavirus excluded!

Well, the truth is that there’s nothing inherently negative about a retrograde. Do you know what the term actually means? In about 7-10 minutes, you will. Read on!

What Is A ‘Retrograde’?

The word retrograde means to move backward. However, it doesn’t ACTUALLY move backward, it just appears to, as an optical illusion from our vantage point on the Earth. According to Elite Daily, this has the tendency to bring up issues from the past (as the planets appear to be moving backward) and change the energy of the planets from outward to inward–thus affecting different zodiac signs. What this indicates is a time of reflection and review. And even rest!

Furthermore, it explains that a planet that’s retrograde functions differently than it normally does. In fact, outer planets such as Saturn and Pluto spend nearly half of the time in retrograde anyway. So retrogrades really aren’t that big of a deal. Here’s everything you need to know about the three retrogrades.

Saturn Retrograde

From May 11 To September 29

Deccan Herald

Unlike the bummer that is Mercury retrograde, Saturn retrograde can be quite positive. Saturn is the planet of karma, limitations, restrictions, and maturity. When the ringed planet slows during retrograde, it allows you time to reflect upon yourself, your efforts, your past behaviour, and your decisions–thereby paving way for your next move. This can mean a good thing as well as payback for negative actions or unresolved issues. Karma, remember? But, addressing past issues can only have a positive impact as everything has been brought to light and the balance has been paid.

Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com and Horoscope.com explains, “Transits like this one are all part of the natural cycle of life, and Saturn retrograde helps us not only to keep track of the score but also to set the record straight.” She calls Saturn retrograde a “reality check”–a concept we all are well-versed with.

Venus Retrograde

From May 13 To June 25


The brightest planet in the solar system may dull your love life in May. Second to Mercury retrograde in its potential to cause problems, Venus retrograde is known to bring up issues related to relationships being a planet of love, friendship, and money.

Ambi Kavanagh, astrologer and founder of Soulstrology notes that the COVID-19 crisis could make Venus retrograde especially harsh, “Many couples, having been forced to spend so much time together, may find tensions surfacing in their relationships. Some of these tensions will be understandable, surface-level irritations since not many people are used to being together 24/7 with little downtime. This lack of space can lead to arguments and even waning in the levels of desire.” The same could apply to couples who are already apart and facing a lack of intimacy. It’s time to bring your focus to the matters of the heart.

Jupiter Retrograde

From May 14 To September 12

Universe Today

Much like Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter also spends the majority of its time in retrograde being an outer planet. Unlike the challenges of making your future plans under Saturn retrograde and dealing with a dulling romance under Venus retrograde, Jupiter retrograde allows you the time to go back and retrospect. It’s all about self-evaluation in May’s last retrograde of the year and the most easier one. Being the planet of philosophy, spontaneity, spiritual growth, and learning, it gives you the opportunity to realign your spirit and values that are true to you.

Who Is Affected By These Retrogrades?

Each zodiac sign faces some kind of impact from the retrogrades. While some face it the worst, others have it easier on them.

So there you go. All your retrograde-related rationales resolved. Let the retrogrades begin!

Featured Image: Gaia

11 May 2020

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