How Mercury Retrogrades Affect Us & A List Of Dates To Watch Out For In 2020!

How Mercury Retrogrades Affect Us & A List Of Dates To Watch Out For In 2020!

If you're anything like me, you've had casual conversations with your girlfriends that were on the lines of "Oh my god, my phone has crashed! Mercury Retrograde is coming in strong!" For the uninitiated, however, it can feel weird blaming the planet Mercury for anything, especially for your phone not working. So, I'm here to help you guide through a period when travel plans go awry, you seem unable to make the right decision and there's just pandemonium everywhere!

So let's find out all about Mercury Retrograde and when we need to watch out for it this year!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

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What Really Is Mercury Retrograde?

The word retrograde means to move backwards, but when we talk about the planet Mercury, it doesn't ACTUALLY move backwards, it just appears to. It is an optical illusion from our vantage point on the Earth. This illusion can be compared to a situation where on a highway when your car speeds past another, the other car seems to go backward!

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Us?

Astrologically, Mercury rules the areas of our lives that are linked to communication, technology, travel and contractual agreements. So expect these areas to be the first to go out of control during this period. It's possible during this period for there to be misunderstandings between people, gadgets to crash, travel plans to go haywire, mail to get lost in transportation and entering into contracts that aren't in your best interest. Also, you need to keep an eye for things that were in your past to come back - like exes and friends!

However, if you're already aware, you can actually use this period for growth. It is a time for you to indulge in all the 're' activities. Review your contracts before you sign, rekindle a romance that still has potential, renew your energy and commitments by going inside and repeat the actions of the past for the best results. 

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The best way to use this time is to finish all the things that were left mid-way by you. In a way, Mercury retrograde is a quarterly review to put into perspective everything you started but did not complete. Tie up all loose ends during the retrograde to emerge fresh and motivated when it goes direct!

Dos And Don'ts Of A Mercury Retrograde

Things You Should Do:

1. Read, listen, think about everything twice because communication during this time is messed up.

2. Get your cars serviced before the period to avoid break-downs.

3. Hang out with old friends and acquaintances!

4. Reconnect with your roots and go deeper on a spiritual level. 

5. Take out time to refresh your energy by letting go of the past and forgiving people.

6. Double-checking all plans, meetings and appointments.

7. Making digital copies of your data before the period starts. 

Things You Should Not Do:

1. Try not to travel unless it is an absolute must!

2. Do not buy any new gadgets, vehicles or equipment. Put that off till the period is over!

3. Sign contracts without reviewing them, like a hundred times.

4. Jump into bed with an ex-flame 'coz some things don't last after the retrograde!


6. Do not give mixed messages, spread rumours or believe everything somebody else says. Communication isn't the key during this time! 

7. Do not do sloppy work or turn in a hastily finished assignment!

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Here's A List Of Mercury Retrogrades In 2020

Here are the dates you need to be especially careful in: 

1. February 18, 2020 - March 9, 2020

2. June 19, 2020 - July 11, 2020

3. October 16, 2020 - November 2, 2020

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