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From Sexy To Modest: All The NEW Blouse Designs You Should Be Wearing In 2019!

From Sexy To Modest: All The NEW Blouse Designs You Should Be Wearing In 2019!

The saree has long been considered as one of the sexiest outfits a woman can wear. The silhouetted drape that accentuates our feminine forms makes sarees a timeless classic. And while talking about a saree one has to mention the blouse. It is the blouse that holds together a great saree and looks fantastic while doing so. We here at POPxo take our blouses very seriously, it is the only reason we go to weddings, to check out the new designs!

A big prediction for 2019 that we anticipate are more the classic and modest styles to hit the scene with variations in terms of embroidery, prints and trims. From Anushka Sharma’s youthful graphic printed Mehendi blouse to Kangana Ranaut’s South Indian design, these types of blouses are sure to dominate this calendar year.

1. Partial Sheer

The partial mesh blouse designs combined with a full embroidered design is a thing of beauty. The combination of soft sheer with heavy detailing is a look you need to try for your next stitch. Although the style has made its appearances alongside a resplendent lehenga, you can pair this blouse with your sheer sarees as well.

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2. Embossed “Nude” Blouses

An interesting collaboration sensuality and class, this blouse is an absolute knockout! Detailed with studs, embossing and paired with a bustier, this style is nothing short of a work of art. With more and more traditional designs are being combined with modern alterations, we recommend you get one of these for your sultry sarees.

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3. Graphic Prints

We saw many great looks from Anushka Sharma’s entire wedding, but in my opinion, this graphic-printed blouse is the one that has still got us in twists. Emboldened by a simple design at its core the graphic prints give it a youthful appeal. Pair this style with your colourful lehengas or with solid ones to create a start contrasted look.  

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4. Old School South Indian

Taking a lesson out of South India, this blouse design has been a favourite among the women of that region. The style is differentiated by the quarter length sleeves and a deep back that accentuates your shoulders. If you are a fan of getting decked up in ethnic garbs for formal events, this blouse will be the perfect choice for an elegant and stylish ensemble.

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5. Off The Shoulder Glam

We have been seeing these off shoulder numbers on and off for quite a while now. Catching on a bit more traction post new year’s, we can finally say the off shoulder blouse has finally arrived. Pro tip to use while getting it stitched is to keep the sleeves short to avoid tugging and droopy shoulders.

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6. About The Classics

Talk about full coverage! At a recent event, Deepika Padukone chose to keep it classy in this long sleeves embroidered number from Sabyasachi. With a closed back, this style will be perfect for your “barely there” sarees where there is a need for extra fabric weight on your top half.

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Silver Sequin Blouse Design

7. Tasseled Bling

As far as trendy trims are concerned, tassels and fringes have taken the top spot. Regardless of the cut and design. You can further accessorise your blouse with dainty tassels and fringes. Whether it be the end of your sleeve of the hem, go all out with this fun new  Indian wear look!


8. Bandeau Busts

This is one for the bold and fearless! Bandeau blouses are usually avoided by women due to their risqué fit, but since it’s a new year, maybe you can try something new? We love Shilpa Shetty’s contrasting black straps that keep the attention on the bustier of the blouse, safe and sassy!

9. Cold Shoulder Details

One trend to trickle over from last year is the cold shoulder. With designers still going for this look for their sarees and lehengas, who are we to turn in down. If you still haven’t gotten yourself a pair of cold shoulder blouse, you are sorely missing out!

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This story was updated in January 2019.

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