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Iconic: Sarah Jessica Parker In A Falguni Peacock Lehenga Is The Fashion Crossover That We All Deserved

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 21, 2021


Ask any fashion girl across the world to pick her favourite Carrie Bradshaw outfits from Sex and the City and she’d help you with a list of at least 10. That’s just the SATC effect. From Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik shoes to her tutu skirt, everything that Sarah Jessica Parker wore for the role is considered iconic today. With the highly-anticipated revival of the series in the making now, we are expecting nothing less from it as well. After all, it has been almost two decades since the last episode of the series aired on TV and so much has changed ever since especially in the fashion quarters. We cannot wait to see how Carrie, the fashion maven went on to evolve in her life both style and career-wise. Well, we just stumbled upon some BTS pictures from the reboot’s (And Just Like That) shoot and things are looking hella promising.

Currently, pictures of Sarah are going viral on the internet and it is her outfit that has everyone’s attention at the moment. In the pics, the actress can be seen dressed in a vibrant Falguni Shane Peacock lehenga and the look has left SATC fans equal parts smitten and confused. Here’s what we think about the look:

Iconic And How!


TBH, it is a ‘pinch me’ moment for us. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that Sarah Jessica Parker would one day be all over our social media feeds dressed in an opulent lehenga choli by an Indian design house. However, it is happening and we’d like to take a moment just to gauge the magnitude of this iconic moment. Also, judge if you may but we are in awe of Sarah’s Falguni Shane Peacock look. Her outfit comprises a fuchsia pink lehenga that features floral motifs and a contrasting full-sleeved blouse. While the actual outfit comes with a dupatta, Sarah has ditched the separate and we are not complaining. From the gorgeous contrast to the dreamy flared skirt, everything about this look is top-notch. Our only problem? Sarah’s hairdo and the weird floral situation that is going on with her maang tikka! Would have been nice had the stylist steered clear from whatever it is on Sarah’s head!

Calm Down Haters!


Yes, haters, we smell scandal. But then again isn’t it a part and parcel of SATC? A faction of the SATC fandom on the internet is finding the look unpalatable. People are also asking questions like why on Earth is Sarah wearing that OTT outfit? Firstly, when was the average Carrie outfit not OTT? Also, aren’t we too quick in assuming that Carrie plans to saunter through Manhattan street in that ensemble? Maybe she is actually off to an Indian wedding. Maybe she just wanted to indulge in her admiration for Indian couture. You never know! But what we do know is that this is an iconic fashion moment and we are glad that Indian design houses are finally getting the attention that they truly deserve.

Rest assured, we cannot wait to watch the reboot and SJP taking over our TV screens in that Falguni Shane Peacock outfit. What about you?

Featured Image: Instagram