It’s Confirmed! ‘Sex And The City’ Fans Rejoice ‘Coz 2021 Is Surely Going To Be Your Year

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jan 10, 2021
It’s Confirmed! ‘Sex And The City’ Fans Rejoice ‘Coz 2021 Is Surely Going To Be Your Year

We let only an excited albeit suppressed squeak leave our lips as we crossed our fingers while telling you about the possibility of a Sex And The City revival last month. After all, a Sex And The City fanatic would know that too much was at stake and there was no way we could have jinxed it with our crazy, excited energy. Well, guess what? It’s now confirmed. Sex And The City is officially getting a reboot, or ‘revisit’ as Sarrah Jessica Parker would like to call it. Well, now’s the time we all jump in excitement, the original Carrie Bradshaw-style!

SJP took to Instagram earlier today to share a video teaser and in her caption, added a question that’s surely been haunting SATC fans for almost two decades now. “I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now?” she wrote. The new chapter of the iconic 90s show has been titled “And Just Like That…” and we are all here for the right hint of nostalgia compounded with the full-blown SATC energy that it exudes. 

Here’s the teaser:

The revival would be starring, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and, of course, Sarah Jessica Parker where they’d be navigating the idea of dating in their 50s. Sadly, Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones in the original series, isn’t returning to the revival. That said, we certainly have more to celebrate than to rue here and we are definitely stoked about how the makers incorporate a thematic shift after all this time. But most of it all, we CAN NOT wait for Carries Bradshaw to blow our minds with her A+ fashion game, smoldering looks, and, of course, the endless slew of nude lippies!

In a previous interview, SJP had talked about how the world had changed since the SATC film and would like to see how the characters have evolved with time. The actress had also shared that it would be interesting to explore “technology and social media” as well as “sexual politics and the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up”. Well, double thumbs up for that SJP ‘coz ditto! Also, we can’t wait for Carrie to claim social media and give Emily Cooper a total run for her money. Carrie Bradshaw is badass like that, you’ll see! 

Well, Sex And The City lovers can certainly put all their bets on 2021 for it is definitely going to be a great, great year ahead! 

Featured Image: Instagram