Salon Etiquette You Should Follow Before Going In For A Bikini Wax

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 25, 2021
Salon Etiquette You Should Follow Before Going In For A Bikini Wax


Picture this- you have finally gathered enough courage to make that bikini wax appointment that you’ve been dreading for a while. This is going to be your first time, isn’t it? From what you’ve heard, it hurts like a b*tch, and there is not one person who has told you otherwise. Now that you find some calm in your friends’ encouraging words as she tells you not to worry and that you’ll love it when it’s done. Well, we’re here to tell you some commonly missed points.

While a bikini wax might be just as painful as they say, fortunately for us, that is the hardest part of it all. However, for your waxing lady, not so much. So, when you’re taking notes on how to live through the temporary pain from your experienced bestie, we are here on behalf of your salon lady to educate you on some bikini wax etiquette to follow.

Can’t Miss This!

This One Goes Without Saying – Shower Before!


Yes, you’re still going to need a shower after your appointment, but maintaining your hygiene before your appointment is also necessary. Make sure that you are clean and hygienic before someone has to spend a couple of hours working down there. We’re talking about your waxing lady, not your booty call! (But the advice definitely goes both ways).

Not When Aunt Flo Is In Town

Try to avoid making bikini wax appointments while you’re on your period. A bikini wax, while you’re on your cycle, will not only make it messy, and difficult for your waxer, but extremely painful for you as well. Your skin is extra sensitive during that time of the month, and chances are, that you’ll be hurting a bit more than you would on other days.

Do You Have An Appointment?


Bikini waxing is a meticulous job and needs to be done with extreme care. This also requires ample time. Do not show up to your salon for an eyebrow appointment and ask them to squeeze a bikini appointment. Plan this appointment at least a couple of days to a week before for a comfortable experience for you, and your waxer.

Share A Disclaimer

If you have any skin issues or low pain tolerance, kindly inform your waxer beforehand. This way, your salon can assign you a waxer with the lightest hands-on waxing, or a longer appointment for ease. Discussing this beforehand will avoid delaying the appointments waiting after you.

Wear Loose Clothing

Even if you have meticulously cleaned yourself before the appointment, you might end up reaching the salon sweaty and uncomfortable if you’re wearing skinny jeans. Wear loose clothing for your comfort, and to make things easier for your waxer!

Remember to calm your skin down with a soothing moisturiser after

If you’re an experienced waxer, do you keep these pointers in mind before your bikini wax appointment?

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