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Fierce! Rubina Dilaik Is Raising Her Voice Against Everything Problematic In The BB House

Fierce! Rubina Dilaik Is Raising Her Voice Against Everything Problematic In The BB House

Tasks that clearly mock the contestants and tension that’s created among contestants simply for the purpose of discord have always been a part of the Bigg Boss house. In all honesty, all of this is why the show has lasted this long. The contestants are literally forced to their limits both mentally and physically in the house until they lose it and do something crazy enough to generate a lot of buzz and, of course, TRP. 

To top it, on every ‘Weekend ka Vaar,’ host Salman Khan has always someone to mock, make crude jokes about, and even insult. Sadly, all this while there have been just a handful of contestants like Gauahar Khan who have challenged Salman’s take on the house. That said, hardly anyone has ever directly called him out for the crudeness. 

However, since the very beginning of Bigg Boss 14, Rubina Dilaik hasn’t been too comfortable with the show’s format and also, Salman Khan’s crude humour. She finally lost her patience after the host made a personal remark on her husband Abhinav Shukla, who is also a contestant on the show. For the unversed, this ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ started with a bang after Rubina refused to participate in a task. In the said task, the contestants were asked to decide between Rubina and Nikki Tamboli based on who had more kachra in her head.  


Rubina found it derogatory and thus refused to do the task. However, Salman questioned her about the same and convinced her to do so. In the task, most of the housemates ended up saying that it is Rubina who rebels for no reason and thus has “more kachra” in her head. Clearly miffed from what had happened earlier, Salman took this opportunity to crack a crude husband-wife joke and said, “Abhinav must be thinking all the housemates just said what I wanted to do.” 

And he went on repeating the same, while Rubina politely asked him to stop. “Sir please aese mat boliye,” she kept saying to the host. During the same task, Rubina also raised how all her belongings are still with Bigg Boss while everyone else has received their luggage. Salman reacted to this with another crude joke and said, “Aapka sara samaan Bigg Boss ke pass hai. Sirf ek samaan aap ghar ke andar layi hein.” Her husband, Abhinav was clearly addressed as “samaan” here and Rubina did not take it well. 

In last night’s episode, she raised it to Bigg Boss. Rubina also talked about how she is not in the house to get herself insulted and that Salman should not be referring to her husband as “samaan.” “I believe in mutual respect and I sensed utter disrespect. If I am not respected, I will not work here. I can’t function like that. Nothing against the show, nothing against Salman sir. But he does not know us personally enough to make that sort of comments about us,” she said during the conversation. 


It was only after being pacified by Abhinav that Rubina calmed down a little. Everyone who has ever watched the show, clearly knows what awaits her this weekend. Now, while it might look like an overreaction on her part, the truth is that since Day 1 both Salman and the show have been constantly attacking the couple’s insecurities. On the premiere episode itself, they were questioned about rumours pertaining to a troubled marriage and the two were honest enough to accept that they indeed had a rough patch and have now ironed out the difference. 

However, in the first week of the show, the makers made it very clear that they had all the plans of exploiting that information. Right after Abhinav managed to win immunity in the very first task of the season, he was given a very tough choice. Abhinav was asked to choose between the immunity and his wife and was given the option to give up his immunity for his wife who was a “rejected” contestant to finally get a place inside the house. 

And it didn’t end just there. After Abhinav decided to hold on to his immunity, it was constantly brought up by both Bigg Boss and Salman. The topic was raised in this week’s episode as well, where Salman also casually mentioned the relationship troubles that Abhinav and Rubina had faced. After that, he was also seen making fun of Abhinav and asking him how did he manage with his wife after she kept defending herself in one of the tasks. 

Fierce like Rubina? Here’s a lipstick to celebrate your spirit:

Well, we are glad that finally, someone has decided to raise a voice against Salman’s sexist jokes and how he takes the liberty of casually disrespecting anyone he does not like. More power to you Rubina!

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20 Oct 2020

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