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Scalp Care Is The New Skincare & Here Some Expert-Approved Tips To Follow

Scalp Care Is The New Skincare & Here Some Expert-Approved Tips To Follow

If you tell us that the only self-care routine you follow is for your skincare, what are you even doing girl? In case you haven’t heard, we are hell-bent on taking wholesome care of our bodies from the outside, as well as on the inside. While the first thought on hearing the term self-care might run to skincare, it does not, and should not stop just there. Wondering why? Let’s find out what the skincare newsletters say.

Newsflash: scalp care is the new skincare! In 2021, we are not only lathering our facial skin with nourishing formulas, but we are also paying close attention to our scalp. That’s right, say goodbye to superficial love for the tresses, we are officially digging deep with scalp and follicle care. If you’re someone who is fairly new to the topic, worry not. We have an expert from everybody’s favourite beauty destination, Enrich, answer the most basic questions about scalp care. Rahil Batliwala is the Technical Manager of all things hair at Enrich. His easy tips and tricks prove that a beginner’s journey through scalp care does not have to be complex at all!

What Is Scalp Care & Why Is It Important?

According to Mr Rahil Batliwala, “The scalp being an extension of the skin is more delicate. It has glands like the sweat glands and sebaceous glands which secrete oil and sweat sebum. It is therefore imperative to have a scalp care regime as good as the hair care regime for our scalp and hair.” He explains that an ideal hair care routine must have some scalp care properties for wholesome nourishment.

What Are The Basics Of Scalp Care For Beginners?


Hair expert Mr Batliwala suggests that a basic scalp care routine should include the right shampoo for your hair type. “When it comes to oily, flaky, and dry scalp, use gentle formulas that mildly cleanse the scalp and hair and maintain the PH level of the scalp. Similarly, use a conditioner that targets your key concern areas like split ends, frizziness or dryness. Never skip hair conditioner as it helps to restore moisture back into your strands that shampooing might have stripped away. Most people make the mistake of using their conditioner on the scalp, which obviously is a hard no.”

What Ingredients To Look For In The Best Scalp Care Products?

While there are a hundred newfound ingredients that are advised to be avoided while investing in hair care products, there is another list of haircare ingredients that good haircare products must include. Mr Rahil says, “Ingredients like glycerol, piroctone olamine, vitamin E, citric acid, biotin, omega 3,6 and 9 are great haircare ingredients for scalp care.”

Step-By-Step Scalp Care Routine

According to Mr Rahil, one need not complicate their scalp care routine. “Gently shampoo the scalp to cleanse it, but avoid scrubbing it aggressively. If your scalp tends to get really gritty or collects hair styling products, invest in a good scalp scrub. You could also get a scalp massager that will help you gently massage your scalp while thoroughly cleansing it. Do not use hot water, but lukewarm water instead. Hot water can aggravate sebum secretion and cause an imbalance in the pH balance of your scalp. Make sure all the product (shampoo/scrub) is washed out. Then you can go on and apply conditioner only on the lengths and ends of your hair.”

“You can also include a weekly hair mask ritual in your scalp care routine for some intensive care. Or you could leave it to professional experts for customized treatments like Scalp Detox treatments at Enrich. Before sleeping, make sure to gently massage your scalp with your fingers “, he continues.

What Is The Scalp Care Mistakes One Should Avoid?


Mr Batliwala enlightens us on some of the most common mistakes people make while building a scalp care routine. He says, “If and when you’re layering any styling product, make sure you rinse your scalp well before going to bed. Keep the scalp clean and hygienic, hence, shampoo every alternate day to avoid the residue of sebum and dirt that build impurities on the scalp, causing various scalp concerns. Treat your scalp like you would treat your skin.”

We don’t know about you, but these tips are going straight to our new and upgraded scalp care routine RN!

Featured Image: Pexels

26 Nov 2021

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