10 Aww-Dorable Ideas To Have An Amazing Weekend With Hubby!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  Jul 25, 2017
10 Aww-Dorable Ideas To Have An Amazing Weekend With Hubby!


The sheer bliss of planning weekends with your newly appointed life partner is another thing altogether. Just in case your imagination is limiting you, we are here to give it a little push. From the wild to the ordinary, we have a whole bunch of ideas for awesome things you can do to spend the weekend with your husband in total bliss!

1. Sparty for two!

Do the most luxurious thing and surprise him with a weekend at a spa resort. Not only will this relax the two of you and get your mind off the general stress of the week, it’ll also make you feel more connected than ever.

1 spend the weekend with your husband - monica   chandler bathtub

2. Drive him crazy

Go away for the weekend (or even for just a day) to the nearest hill station. The long drive plus lunch at a quaint café will give you both enough time to catch up, unwind, and feel the wind in your hair.

3. Paint the town red

There are so many activity clubs in the city that organize cool things like painting brunches. Relax, unwind with some wine, and let your inner artists out. It’s always awesome to try new things!

3 spend the weekend with your husband - couple painting

4. Movie marathon

Surprise him with a cozy weekend in. Buy all his favourite snacks (hello extra butter popcorn!) and watch him happily geek out as the only plan is to watch Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars trilogy.

5. Naughty games

Ever tried playing strip poker or strip monopoly? Make your own rules as you go along but we bet he’s going to love these games. It’ll be a weekend to remember, we can tell you that much!

5 spend the weekend with your husband - sexy couple

6. Bollywood special

Go for a masala Bollywood movie followed by a night of Bollywood dancing. We bet it’ll bring back awesome memories of your wedding and will be just the dose of fun you two needed.

7. Double date!

Spend time with the couple who’s closest to you both. It could be either of your friends and their plus ones. Sometimes it’s nice to invite people into your world. It gives you a fresh perspective on life, love, and your own relationship.

7 spend the weekend with your husband - couple holding hands

8. Do a good deed!

Go volunteer at an orphanage or get involved with any social cause that’s close to both your hearts. We can’t think of a more noble, innovative and fulfilling way to spend your weekend.

9. Host a games night

Game nights are never not-fun. Invite a bunch of friends over and keep some basic games. You don’t even need to go buy stuff because you can always play Dumb Charades or Pictionary. It’s always fun in a group and it’ll surely be an epic weekend.

9 spend the weekend with your husband - big bang theory

10. Recreate the OG date nights!

Do everything you did when you first started dating; even if it was going to the simplest coffee shop or a walk in the park. If yours was an arranged marriage then recreate that very first meeting when you two didn’t know each other at all. It’ll be such a pleasant walk down memory lane – one that you are bound to cherish!

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