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10 Sexy ‘Role Play’ Ideas To Make Things Extra Hot In Bed!

10 Sexy ‘Role Play’ Ideas To Make Things Extra Hot In Bed!

Being in a relationship has its own perks. You have someone to lean on, someone to end a crappy day with and most of all, someone to actually fulfil all your sexual fantasies with. Men want to know the hidden facets of your personality and there is nothing better than a great round of role play sex. If you’re looking for role play ideas to make things extra steamy in bed, here are some you could definitely use!

1. Student – teacher

If you ask around, boys would admit that a lot of them have always had a little crush on their teachers in high school. Be his teacher and teach him some moves! This will be more fun than you’d ever think! Role play ideas 1

2. Play a stripper

Pick a song of your choice (make it a sultry one), put on the lingerie he loves on you and just dance in front of him. Take off your clothes, one at a time, and give him a slow lap dance – it’ll get him so turned on! Get between the sheets after and do what feels good! *Wink*

3. Strangers at a bar

This one works like magic. Don’t believe us? Go to the bar in your favourite dress and ask him to see you there. ‘Bump’ into each other and discover each other as if you’re strangers. If you play this game seriously, things can get very exciting. role play ideas 3

4. Chef and customer

So, wear the chef’s hat (and only that!) Next, serve him his favourite dish. Let him pretend to be your customer and tip you with amazing sex, after.

5. Master and slave

Let him be the master and you be his slave – or, if you prefer, the other way round! The slave does whatever the master says, and then you take it from there. Who knows? You might be up all night. 5 role play ideas

6. Masseur magic

If you’re the kind of girl who is a little shy to take the lead, then this one’s for you. There is nothing more erotic than a sexy massage. Since you’re already in the mood, give each other a chance to be the masseur.

7. Criminal and cop

Do this with a little twist (and some handcuffs, of course). Be the law breaking criminal and let him be the strict cop who wants to punish you. Give him total control, because ladies, this might just take some time…*Wink* role play ideas 7

8.   Be a porn star

Switch on your favourite porn movie and act like you’re a part of it. Show him your best moves! Want to spice it up? You could film it on tape and view it later. This way you’ll actually be more involved in giving your best performance. PS : Don’t forget to delete the tape later!

9. Be his robot

Wondering how to make this one different? Welcome him using a robotic voice. Robots are usually asked to obey the master – and you can enact that situation. Unlike the slave-master role play, this will be entirely the master’s game! role play ideas 9

10. An erotic fairytale

Act like you’re in a fairytale and let him be your Prince Charming for the night. Pick one of your favourite stories and let him take the lead with the first kiss (followed by wild sex, of course!) Images: Giphy, Shutterstock

14 Mar 2017

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