Reverse Cat Eye Is The Latest ‘It’ Fad In The Beautyverse That’s Got Everybody Talking!

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Sep 8, 2021
Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend


Makeup trends come and go like the seasons. While the good ones stay, some fade out within no time at all. Regardless, we are always excited about keeping up with the new makeup fads and informing you all about them. Speaking of makeup trends, you must be aware of the famous Kylie Jenner-like winged liner that most people were obsessed with in 2020. However, there’s another trend that’s gaining just as much popularity this year, if not more. We’re talking about the reverse cat-eye makeup that the Internet just can’t get enough of!

For the unversed, the reverse cat-eye is basically the classic cat-eye, just inverted. That is, the cat-eye technique is applied on your lower lash line instead of your lids.

Needless to say, it looks really glam and fierce! In another video, Spencer explained how to achieve the look. First, he applied a grey-toned eye shadow to his upper lid, and used the same shade to run it through the lower lash line. Further, he applied gel black eyeliner to the waterline. “Extend that inner corner, then wing it out on the outer corner,” he explained. After that, using a detailed brush with some black eye shadow, diffuse out the edges. You can then accentuate the outer corner, and drag the liner to get that sexy feline shape.

The reverse cat eye gives a fierce, sexy and refreshing look and we’re loving it! After you’ve aced the reverse cat eye, you can also get creative, add a few elements of your own, and try it out in different colours. 

Interesting Reverse Cat Eye Looks That You Can Recreate!

Basic Reverse Cat Eye

Here’s the basic reverse cat eye makeup. When applied with such precision and perfection, it looks simply stunning! Put on some mascara to make your eyes pop.

A Burst Of Colours!

Another way to spruce up the look would be to try out this trend in a different colour. This makeup artist went for a beautiful shimmery green colour, and we’re loving the edgy look.

Amp It Up With Purple!

Another makeup artist added shades of purple to the reverse cat eye, and it adds to the dramatic flair!

Add A Pop Of Bright Colour

Here’s one of our favourite reverse cat-eye looks! This influencer added a bright pop of colour over the black eyeliner, and this look has left us awestruck.

Acing the reverse cat eye may take some practice. Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with the look and add your own spin to it. Go ahead and try it out. Here’s a makeup tutorial that will help you ace the look.

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Ready to try this makeup look the next time you step out of your house?

Featured Image: Instagram