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21 Kickass Replies For People Who Ask You To ‘Settle Down’

21 Kickass Replies For People Who Ask You To ‘Settle Down’

All the single ladies, this is a shout out to you! You’re all absolutely wonderful and doing just the right thing by focussing on yourself, your career and just being happy and taking your time to find Mr Right instead of being bogged down by any societal pressure to ‘settle down’. Nevertheless, we know that it feels super annoying to have to answer this question again and again. So we have lined up some kickass replies for the people who ask you to settle down.

1. “Bangla hai, gaari hai, naukri hai, and you’re saying I should settle down?”

But why though?

2. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Beware: Moral police is out on the loose again

3. “Because weddings are expensive. Would you be willing to sponsor the whole thing?”

Else, I’m not interested!


3 ask you to settle down - marilyn monroe

4. “Aaj keh diya, dobaara mat kehna….”

Kudos Bollywood, you always have the right answer!

5. “Is that what you do for a living? Go around telling people to settle down and offer free (and useless) life advice?”

Hint: Stop already.

6. “Been waiting for Ranveer Singh to break up and then I plan on marrying him!”

Talk about long term planning. This ideal but kinda unrealistic situation works every single time. Trust us.


7. “Yeh advice dene ke liye aap paise charge karte hai ya muft mein dete hai? Kyunki chhute nehi hai mere paas!”

Thank you for that Geet from Jab We Met.

7 ask you to settle down - jab we met kareena kapoor

8. “Tum hamesha aise hi bakwaas karte ho ya aaj koi special occasion hai?”

Again, a great burn from Jab We Met.

9. “Why don’t you just change your surname to ‘jan hit mein jaari’?”

And you never know the government might also approach you for campaigning for other social causes.


10. “Omg I am so glad that you asked! Do you have any cute/hot guys you could set me up with?”

Maybe launch your own www.sabkosettledownkardo.com. Just saying.

11. “Because I am already in a serious relationship with my career and I ain’t screwing this one up.”


11 ask you to settle down - emma stone burn

12. “Why settle for one husband at home when you can have three boyfriends in the same city?”

Truth be told.


13. “If I do settle down, will you promise to leave me alone?”

About time. Don’t you think?

14. “As Cher Horowitz says, ‘You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.’”

I’ll let you think about it for a while.

15. “And when marriage knocks at my door, what do I say? Not today.”

Game Of Thrones always has the aptest answer.

15 ask you to settle down - game of thrones


16. “Slight possibility is that I haven’t found Mr Right yet.”

Anyway, thanks for asking.

17. “Because then you’ll start annoying me with questions about why don’t I have kids already… “


18. “Oops, I’m married, did I forget to invite you to the wedding? God, I’m so careless.”

Plot twist. Now, what do you have to say to that? Huh?

18 ask you to settle down - kajol koffee with karan


19. “I wonder the same thing all the time. It’s just that stupid things like charting out a career path and completing my education keep coming in my way.”

Who wants that? Amirite?

20. “Because Christian Grey only exists in movies and books.”


21. “Kyunki azaadi hi mera dulha hai.”

Forever and always.

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10 Jul 2017

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