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8 Relationship Habits *Every* Couple Should Develop!

8 Relationship Habits *Every* Couple Should Develop!

Each relationship is different, yet there’s something common to all the successful ones. If you think about it, you’ll start to notice certain traits and habits that happy couples possess. This may be brand new information to you, and we understand that it could get a little overwhelming. So don’t worry; just read, think about it, and slowly start to imbibe for a long, happy and successful stint in love-land!

1. Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

We girls tend to skip inconvenient details like bumping into an ex. We also avoid confronting our partners if they did something we don’t like very much. We consider this “withholding of information” harmless and prefer to keep the peace. But the truth is somewhere our dishonesty catches up with us. We must learn to be completely honest with our partners and expect nothing less from them too.


2. Alone Time: Needed!

When you’re young and in college, it’s tempting to hang out with the whole gang rather than go out alone. Sometimes this is also more convenient because in case your family doesn’t know about the two of you, it gets difficult to spend alone time with him. By the way, “alone time” here is not code for anything else but genuinely spending time together. But all happy couples know that making time for each other is imperative for a solid foundation in a relationship. Get to know who both of you truly are, not just who you are when everyone else is around. relationship habits

3. Small Gestures For The Win

Go back to the store and buy him that T-shirt he was eying earlier. Or bake him that cake he loves. Just do it. Don’t wait for an occasion. Sometimes we all make the colossal mistake of waiting too much for things. He’ll love the gestures and happily reciprocate. In the long run, it’s these small things that keep the relationship going smoothly!


4. Celebrate Whatever You Can

Did you score well in an exam? Did he bag his dream job? Did either (or both) of you reach your goal weight? Go celebrate both the big and small wins of life. It’s an awesome habit to inculcate early on in your relationship. It’s indicative of the fact that you both are super proud of each other and it will egg you guys on to achieve more! relationship habits

5. Don’t Make Money An Excuse

The most successful relationships are the ones that are built on a foundation of friendship, love and trust. Don’t bring money into that equation because, frankly, it has no business being there. So even if you want to celebrate something, for instance – go for a drive, have an ice cream, watch a movie…don’t wait till you have “enough” money to do a fancy dinner. Think of it this way, if you two make it work there will be unlimited dinners, vacations and gifts. Enjoy your time now even if you have to be frugal.


6. Have Each Other’s Back

To be each other’s better half means having each other’s back through thick and thin. No questions asked. No matter how hard it is. The tide may not always be in your favour, but having one person who is always on Team YOU is the biggest blessing. Be that blessing to the one you love! relationship habits

7. Take An Interest In Each Other’s Lives

Okay, you don’t exactly care who won the 20-20. I get that. But would it kill you to ask if the team he was supporting is winning? Also, what time is the match? Who will they play in the finals if they win today? Just basic questions that make him feel like he can talk to you about stuff. Similarly, you can tell him about something that interests you. Eliminate barriers like “boy stuff” and “girly stuff”. The most successful relationships are the ones where both people can’t get enough of each other’s company and would much rather talk to each other than anyone else.


8. “I Love You” – As Simple As That

Remind him you love him ever so often. No, it doesn’t seem too mushy to us. We don’t adhere to the concept that there exists only single day in the year for us to tell our favourite person that they mean the world to us. Make it a part of your everyday vocabulary. You should act it out anyway, but learn to say it once in a while. Watch as your relationship blossoms into the best version of itself. relationship habits GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016
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