It’s Bloody Good: 5 Reasons You Should Masturbate On Your Period

Nidhi KavleNidhi Kavle  |  May 6, 2019
It’s Bloody Good: 5 Reasons You Should Masturbate On Your Period


Having your period is awful, we get it. The cramps, hunger pangs, mood swings, body ache and the roller coaster of emotions are all VERY real, relatable issues. But what if I told you that there was one thing that could potentially make you feel better? No, it’s not a glass of wine or even a sedative, it’s actually one of the most empowering acts of self-love. Yes, we’re talking about masturbation! Masturbation is fan-f*cking-tanstic and if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what gets you off and giving yourself the happy ending you want. Did you know that masturbating on your period could be beneficial? If you think that masturbating when you’re on your period is all kinds of gross, let me give you 5 very reasons why it’s a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

1. It alleviates cramps and muscle related pain

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When we are about to get our period, there’s a lot happening internally in our bodies and sometimes that could lead to severe cramps and all kinds of muscle aches. Some of us have a backache while others get a headache. There’s nothing that takes the pain away in situations like these, except, of course, a pain-killer… but where’s the fun in that? What if I told you masturbating could help you ease those cramps and reduce the muscle ache? Give it a go and find out for yourself!

2. It improves your mood

masturbation 2

Let’s face it, after an orgasm you feel more relaxed and less anxious. Lord knows we could use something to calm those tits! That explosive release does a lot more than just make you scream, it actually de-stresses you and makes you feel like a boss.

3. It could reduce the duration of your period

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When you get your period, it’s basically the lining of your uterus shedding and falling. When you masturbate or even have sex on your period, it makes the lining shed quicker and as a consequence – the blood flows out quicker. That basically means the more orgasms, the quicker your period will be over. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

4. It makes you feel very, very sexy

masturbation 4

There’s something very powerful about being able to control your outcome. Masturbating gives you that power, you know exactly what you want and you’re not afraid to get there. It makes you feel all sorts of naughty, sexy and confident. It actually has a positive impact on your mood and boosts your self-confidence too!

5. Your hormones are raging when you get your period

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Honestly, there’s no real reason NOT to masturbate on your period! After the ride that you are on when you get your period, any kind of relief should be acceptable, so just do it. Raging hormones? Give yourself a quick rub! What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll stain your sheets? Place a towel under you to avoid that! And don’t worry, you don’t bleed too much when you masturbate on your period, so stop visualizing a blood bath!

At least now you know what you can do when you’re feeling down n’ dirty! 

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