3 Reasons You Should Limit Air Drying Your Hair And Put The Blow Dryer To Use

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 27, 2021
3 Reasons You Should Limit Air Drying Your Hair And Put The Blow Dryer To Use

When your hairstylist or your favourite beauty Instagrammer tells you to avoid heat styling your hair regularly, you listen. While many of us limit styling our tresses, we also skip using a blow dryer after a head wash. And while you might feel like you’re being nice to your mane, there’s a heavy probability that it’s not exactly the right way to go about it.

Wait, so heat styling is bad for hair, but air drying is bad too? In this beauty jury, we discuss air drying your hair and how to find the perfect balance between air drying and blow-drying. 

Beauty Jury: The Moment Of Truth

Before we get into the deets of finding that perfect balance, let’s discuss the damage air drying does to hair. This can help up get a deeper understanding of why we need to achieve the perfect balance between air drying and blow-drying our hair.

Dehydrated Locks


When you air-dry your hair, it naturally allows them to stay wet for a longer period of time. This elongated period of water retention in your strands can result in dry and dehydrated hair when exposed to varying weather conditions, like colder temperatures.

Long Term Damage


Another major con of maximized water retention period in your hair is long-term damage. This causes your hair membrane to swell and can weaken the health of your hair over time. This is the reason why hair strands are weakest when wet, and regular air drying can result in your hair losing its body and shape over time.

Bacteria Build-Up


While you’re thinking that you’ve done a great job by not plugging in the hairdryer, you might be turning a negligent eye towards the bacteria you might be attracting. Keeping wet hair for long hours result in bacteria growth and completely destroy your scalp health.

Strike A Balance


One faces the possibility of the above-discussed cons of air-drying hair over a prolonged period of time. However, when included in your hair care routine in a balanced significance, air drying can do wonders too. Try achieving equilibrium by incorporating both blow drying and air drying in your routine!

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