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Breakup With These 6 Bad Habits For A Long Lasting Hair Colour

Breakup With These 6 Bad Habits For A Long Lasting Hair Colour

You are getting your hair coloured. As your hairstylist begins to wash your hair, you’re nervous to see what your hair turned out like. You, and your Instagram followers who you supplied with a cliffhanger of a foil-covered head selfie on your story. The wash is done, so is the blow-dry, and voila! Your hair colour turned out exactly like that Pinterest picture you showed your hairstylist. And you know it actually looks good as he asks you to pose for the salon’s Insta page. “This time, I will make it last”, you think to yourself as you flip your hair for a slo-mo video. 

But will you, really? Only time will tell.

STOP! Mistakes To Avoid For Coloured Hair

We have listed down below a couple of bad hair habits and mistakes that we are all guilty of committing after getting our hair coloured. These blunders will not only ruin the looks of that expensive hair job you just got done but ultimately, the health of your hair too. Here are some hair care mistakes to avoid if you want your hair colour to last longer. 

Enough With The Shampoo!

While not washing your hair enough is most definitely an issue- for your hair health (and other people’s nose buds), washing your coloured hair too often is also a problem. When you’re over-shampooing your hair, you’re also rinsing your colour along with dirt and grime. The chemicals in hair colour have an effect on your hair that makes them vulnerable to water. The more you expose coloured hair to water, the weaker they get. 

If you have an oily scalp or you tend to sweat more than usual, we would suggest you push your hair wash day by 1-2 days with the help of dry shampoo. 

But Are you Even Using The Right Shampoo?


When your hairstylist is recommending you that expensive shampoo after the colour job, TAKE IT! If you think that those salon-recommended shampoos and conditioners are very expensive, we are with you on that one. However, they are expensive for a reason. These shampoos are specifically formulated to gently clarify coloured hair without causing much harm.

You can actually follow this hair care tip even if you’re on a budget. If not salon recommended, go for drugstore brands that sell colour protection shampoos. Do not make the mistake of washing your hair with a shampoo not formulated for the same.

Damn! You Skipped Conditioner?

What’s worse than over-washing your hair? Not even conditioning it after. Skipping conditioner is a haircare sin even for non-coloured hair. Hair conditioners help in restoring and retaining moisture and conditioning oils back to your hair strands. 

Now that we have you not skipping conditioner, switch to one formulated for coloured hair that offers targeted care. Extra nourishing, conditioners for coloured hair will help retain your hair colour for a long period and can also stop your hair from losing its gloss.

Rough Drying Is Your Hair’s Worst Enemy

Imagine that your hair strands were made of gold. Would you give it a vigorous towel rub then as well? Probably not.

Made of keratin, this non-gold hair is still precious and should not be rough dried with a towel. For drying your hair or soaking the water out, you can use a micro-fibre towel and wrap it around your wet hair. Coloured hair is twice as sensitive that natural hair and should be treated with utmost care. 

Give Your Hair A Break


We are all swooning over our hair when it’s blow-dried and curled or straightened. While we know beauty is pain, we seriously need to think about giving our hair some rest. Constant excessive heat can do some major damage to coloured hair.

We encourage you to wear your natural hair whenever possible, and if you are insistent on styling your hair, try out the gazillion heatless hair styling methods like everybody else. And put that straightener down. 

Dude, That’s Hot

No matter how tempting, skip hot hair showers to save their life and colour. Hot water lifts off the outer layer of your cuticle and makes your coloured hair even more vulnerable than they already are. Your hair colour can quickly fade because of this, and can also cause it to weaken. Switch to cold or lukewarm or warm to the maximum limit in order to keep your hair healthy, and colour fresh.  

Implement these tips in your hair care schedule and notice a significant change in the health and quality of your coloured hair. 

Featured Image: Pexels

20 Jul 2021

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