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#OMG: 9 Reasons Why Arnab Goswami Might Just Be The Perfect Boyfriend!

You might hate him, you might love him, but you can never, ever ignore him. Yes, we’re indeed talking about Arnab Goswami. And today we bring you some fresh perspective on the Nation’s Most Talked About Anchor – 9 reasons why he would make a pretty amazing boyfriend.


1. You could always have a girls’ night out on weekdays

Especially around 9 p.m.

2. You’d never run out of conversation

In fact, you’d not even have to worry about contributing much.

Arnab Goswami 3

3. You’d never have to worry about wearing heels around him

He’s 6 feet tall, after all!

Arnab Goswami 1

4. He is never gonna be the one to get interviewed by your parents

He’d interview them instead.

Arnab Goswami 4

5. You’d always be able to find him in a crowd

With that booming voice, you’d be hard pressed to lose him.

Arnab Goswami 5

6. He’ll always have an opinion on your day

No more uncaring grunts and casual shrugs.

7. You’d never wonder what’s on his mind

He would tell you. Most definitely.

Arnab Goswami 7

8. No one would ever ask you “Oh, what does he do?”

Because if they don’t know already, they don’t deserve to know.

Arnab Goswami 8

9. You’d never have an argument with him

Because which girl doesn’t know to never get into a situation that she can’t win?

Arnab Goswami 9

Images: Bluegape, Arnab Goswami Memes, Tumblr

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06 May 2016

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