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#Valentine: 7 Reasons Why Your Parents Deserve Those Chocolates!

They brought you into this world and held your hand firmly when life threw challenges your way. Yet, at some phase, you like to think of yourself to be independent individuals who can take on life alone. However, you’re forgetting something. Give your parents a tight hug and tell them how much they mean to you. Here are a few reasons to show your parents some love TODAY!


1. Even When the World Gives Up on You, They Don’t

reasons to show your parents some love

When people say you’re no good, have doubts about whether you’ll make it big in your life – your parents tell you the opposite. In their eyes, you are as precious as gold, and will forever be. They may correct you, but never put you down. That’s because they believe in you. In fact, they always have – supporting your decisions and questioning your actions when required. They’re your guardians. You should feel grateful and blessed to have them in your life.

2. They’ve Made Sacrifices for You

reasons to show your parents some love

They want to give you the best in life even if they didn’t have it themselves. Your happiness and needs have always came first with them. No one in this world will give up so much for you like your parents do. Seeing you living your dreams and able to walk on your two feet is what matters to them the most.

3. They’re Not Just Your Family, They’re Your Friends Too

reasons to show your parents some love

Friends come and friends go, but your parents won’t. They will stick with you till the very end. There will come a time – beyond the adolescent fights and your rebellion against their rules – when you will be able to have proper, mature conversations with them. When that happens, you will know for a fact that you’ve found a friend in them.

4. They Know What’s Best for You

reasons to show your parents some love

Sometimes you think you know what’s best for you, and you fail to look at the broader picture. However, your parents are never wrong about a situation. They think ahead, and know when you’re about to crash. Why don’t you listen to them for a change? List the pros, the cons and the possibilities of every situation – and you will find that your parents were right all along!

5. They Know Exactly How to Cheer You Up

reasons to show your parents some love

No one in this whole world knows how to cheer you up better than your parents. Even when you don’t mention your problems to them, they can figure it out by your vibe and tone. Once they know you’re not in your happiest frame of mind, they will do anything to get your mood back on track. Either they cheer you by cracking a joke, or treat you to a meal or buy you something you really wanted. The point is, they do everything in their power to get that million-dollar smile back on your face. Yep, that’s how much they love you!

6. They Look Out for You

reasons to show your parents some love

If anyone were to mess with you, they’d have to go through them. Yes, they are protective, but that’s because they love you dearly. No matter how old you are, your parents will always have your back. They want to see you happy and protect you against anyone who means you harm. You will always be their child in their eyes, and that’s something which will never change.

7. They Worry about You

reasons to show your parents some love

Sure, you’re old enough to handle your life. However, your parents will always worry about you. They worry because they never want to see you hit rock bottom and suffer for it. While the act of worrying may get your goat sometimes, you’ll have to just live with it. They care about you, hence they’re concerned. If they didn’t, none of these things would be true!

Get over any silly fights and resentments, and go tell them you love them right away!

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06 May 2016

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