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84 Ways To Remind Yourself That You Are Beautiful!

84 Ways To Remind Yourself That You Are Beautiful!

Oh, hello beautiful!


From being labelled ‘powerless’, to leading companies, we’ve come a long way. Why, even for a second, would we doubt our beauty? Why let a small skin problem bring you down when you’re busy running the world? So, stop overthinking about your flaws because they’re not even a problem. They’re beautiful and it’s time you start flaunting them.

If you haven’t noticed it already, let me remind you that your smile is magnetic, compassionate and welcoming. Even a huge number of scars, acne, stretch marks or whatever it is that bothers you about your body, is not capable of changing that. You’re done devaluing your body, you’re done underestimating your scars. Your body, your power! Perfection is just an illusion.       

If you are not already appreciating your flaws, you’re missing out on a big part of your life. You must realise that at the end, we’re all part of the same fabric. And if you’re not convinced enough, here are some more reasons for you to embrace your imperfections, every day. Read them and share them with the ones you would love to see smile more often!

Here Are 84 Reasons For You To Embrace You, All Of You

1. Smile. You’ll age like fine wine.

2. You’ll always be the lead actress of your life.

3. No one is keeping a score of your stretch marks.

4. People only see the size of your smile when you do the happy dance. So do it more often!

5. Your body is a work of art that changes every second.

6. There are great Korean photo apps to take selfies. 

7. You can look different just by getting a haircut. Anytime.

8. You’re the boss.

9. Forget lunges, smiling is an exercise.

10. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

10. At the end of every bad day, there’s a K-beauty mask.

11. Acne gets the dirt out. So that’s a good thing.

12. People who love you, love you for you.

13. You’ve broken a few hearts with that killer look.

14. There’s nothing Aloe Vera can’t fix. 

15. New day, new hairstyle.

16. ‘Coz now there are 40 shades of foundation.

17. You can block body shamers.

18. Taking social media advice isn’t compulsory.  

20. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

19. You have weekends to practice winged eyeliner.

20. You’ll be older than this.

21. You’ll age faster if you worry about it. So, don’t.

22. Morning walk = Meeting handsome guys.

23. Unconditional love, doesn’t give a f***!

24. Thanks to make-up, you can change your look from cute to sexy ANY… time.

25. Coz’ you can nab a beauty campaign even at 65.

26. Turmeric > Any doubt.

30. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

27. Embracing flaws makes you a better person.

28. It helps you become less judgemental.

29. And calmer too.

30. It’s not illegal to have ’em, you know!

31. Beauty explorations is a never-ending story.

32. There are so many lipsticks you haven’t swatched.

33. Less you worry about acne, more time you’ll have for Sunday gossip.

34. You’re an artist and you know it.

40. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

35. You can look the way you want to look.

36. Everyone is one in seven billion and so are you.

37. Leonardo DiCaprio has gone from cute to hot, with age.

38. Halle Berry as well.

39. Stretch marks are so unpredictable. You’re such a mystery, right?

40. Every version of you is the most beautiful one.

50. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

41. You only become better with age.

42. No matter what happens, your friends will be drunk at your bachelorette and remind you, “You’re the most beautiful bride-to-be.”  

43. Your looks don’t define you.

44. The world sees what you show them. 

45. That, makes you the boss, again.

46. Being a woman is already a superpower. 

47. The future is female, so accept yourself.

48. Then accept your power.

49. And now, accept your flaws!

50. Voila! You’re a complete beauty.

60. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

51. Bruno Mars loves you ‘just the way you are.’ *Wink*

52. Physical scars + emotional scars + time + smile = healing!

53. Might be borrowing it from L’Oréal but it’s true, ‘You’re worth it.’

54. Everything heals, honey!

55. You’re a natural beauty.

56. Studies say a smile makes you look more attractive.

57. By worrying about your flaws, you can’t add a day to your life. By accepting them, you can add life to a day!

58. With imperfections, you’ll only become better than what you are.

59. The only weapon to reduce flaws is to accept them!

60. Your man will always have more hair on his legs than you do, so relax!

61. Your pillow loves your messy hair and drooling face.

70. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

62. You’ll never fall short of make-up.

63. Your mom probably looked exactly like you at your age.

64. Your mommy looks like a Bollywood actress in those black and white pictures, so do you!

65. Your shadow doesn’t have such issues, learn and practice!

66. Love yourself so you can teach your baby girl to love herself.

67. Someone probably has a crush on you and you don’t even know.

80. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

68. Wait till you hear that French guy say, “Je pense que tu es la plus belle femme au monde.”

69. Perfection is an illusion.

70. Imperfection is an art.

71. A painting sells for billions and you are God’s art. You’re priceless.

72. Your dog THINKS you’re a princess.

73. Your mom KNOWS you’re a princess.

74. You ARE your dad’s princess.

90. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

75. Everything is temporary.

76. If you have permanent scars, you actually have permanent tattoos for free!

77. Every flaw tells a memorable story.

78. Experience of growing old is unmissable.

79. You’re a beautifully wrapped gift.

80. After accepting your scars, you’ll accept others.

81. You should be your biggest fan (Yes, like Kareena). Self Confidence!

82. You’re a legend.

83. Self-doubt is an enemy too.


100. beautiful  woman  women%E2%80%99s day

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08 Mar 2018

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