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Spontaneous Sex: 11 Reasons You Should Do It *More* Often!

Spontaneous Sex: 11 Reasons You Should Do It *More* Often!

Life can be a bit uncertain but we just love it, don’t we? Which is why we love impromptu sex sessions with him because it not only helps heat things up but also leaves us craveing more. While long lasting sessions can be a lot of fun, spontaneous sex, too, can ignite an unusual fire. Here are 11 reasons why every couple should have spontaneous sex…more often!


1. It keeps the spark alive

We are all busy in our own lives and sometimes tend to ignore how important physical intimacy is. As much as we want to, we still don’t get time to, you know, get together. Unexpected sex just keeps the spark alive and will keep you thinking about it. Well, until it happens again *wink*.

spontaneous sex 1 - couples cuddling

2. It’s a change from the usual sex routine

Taking it slow and prolonging foreplay is great but the charm that a quickie has, is definitely unbeatable. Infact, sometimes, vanilla is the only ice cream we crave for. Get it?

3. It’s thrilling to know you can do it anytime

Imagine having it when you’re least expecting it. Sounds fun right? In fact, the unexpected nature of it is what makes it really exciting!

4. It relieves stress

Reap the benefits of sex without actually spending too much time at it. Sex in general reduces a lot of stress and who does not like a session of spontaneous stress relief, huh?

spontaneous sex 4 - couples relaxing

5. It re-energizes your relationship

Every relationship goes through a series of ups and downs and unexpected spontaneous sex is the best way to revive any form of energy that’s lost. You get to fix things and you have great sex. Bonus, right?

6. No planning is sometimes a good idea

Planning can be really stressful no matter for what it is. When you don’t plan, you don’t overthink and the result of which, sometimes, is just ah-mazing!

7. It gives your creativity a boost

Yes! You read that right. Having sex can make you more creative and confident. The creativity peak usually rises when sex is with the one you love. So the, next time you have a creative block, you know what to do.

spontaneous sex 7

8. Get rid of those calories, already?

Not a big fan of workout? Sex makes you lose calories and we believe that you know this already. Well, then why not use this excuse to have spontaneous sex more often? Skip the jog one day and get at it!

9. It helps you sleep well

Two of the most amazing things together. Well, a session of sex will make you release a few good hormones that will help you get some good sleep. Also, cuddles, anyone?

10. It can increase your sex drive

A lot of couples suffer from a low sex drive and it’s completely okay. Unexpected sex can help a lot of couples retrieve their sex drive which is why it is actually the best.

spontaneous sex 10 - couples naughty

11. It just helps you get better

Because practice makes the man perfect and what is better than practicing sex? Having a lot of sex has health benefits and well, just helps you get really good at it.

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16 Jun 2017

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