Rani Mukerji Finally Opened Up About Sexism In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai & We Have Mixed Feelings

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 25, 2021
Rani Mukerji Finally Opened Up About Sexism In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai & We Have Mixed Feelings


Karan Johar’s directorial debut, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, had created a massive frenzy back in the day. Over the years, the bittersweet love triangle between Rahul, Tina and Anjali has been decoded countless times. As we grew older, it became almost impossible to ignore the problematic plot of the film and the blatant sexism. 

Let’s be honest, if you rewatch this cult classic today, you’d cringe at some scenes. We know we did! Just a little while ago, even Karan accepted that the film was ‘silly, problematic and downright sexist.’

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Now, another star associated with the film just spoke about the misogyny in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Rani Mukerji, who played the role of Tina, talked about why Rahul (played by Shah Rukh Khan) didn’t pick Anjali (played by Kajol) as his girlfriend. She said, “Falling in love is something very subjective to each person and we can’t judge a person for their choices because, at the end of the day, it’s your heart. You can’t direct your heart to do things that a particular person would feel is morally right or morally wrong. What might come across right to you might be wrong for the other person. I think considering all the flaws that we all are living with, we should not sit and judge others for what they are doing.”

Rani added, “To say, after so many years, that what Rahul did was wrong or right – I think it would be trying to be judgmental.”

We have mixed thoughts about Rani’s statement! We do understand that as an actress she was simply following the script but…It is 2021 shouldn’t we call out Rahul for being a man-child?

The guy had no character development in the film! In fact, in an old interview, SRK himself called Rahul a ‘stalker’. The actor said, “I told my daughter, that if a guy meets you and says, ‘Rahul, naam toh suna hoga’, he’s a stalker. If a boy looks at you across a room at a party and says, ‘Aur paas, aur paas’, go kick him in the shins. But in the film, if I’m able to activate an element of innocence and make it attractive, the role gets reinvented by itself.”

Let’s just make one thing clear: Rahul was the poster boy of casual sexism in KKHH! We wish Rani had a similar take on the film…

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