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This Hair Colour Trend For Dark Hair Is Just. So. GORGEOUS.

This Hair Colour Trend For Dark Hair Is Just. So. GORGEOUS.

As an Indian girl, are you tired of not being able to experiment with a lot of colours for your hair? Does the thought of bleaching and hair damage hold you back? Or do you think that blues and greens won’t suit you? Well, we’re here with a trend that you’ll love!

If you’ve been on Instagram for the past few months, then you would know that rainbow hair is totally having a moment. Well, guess what? The trend is finally possible for dark hair! The oil slick technique creates iridescent tones of purples and greens on top of hair for an inky effect, and can we just say – it looks fabulous! Whether you want to try the trend in a super bold way or with subtle colours – we’ve got inspiration for all of you! These bright colours look perfect on dark hair, but that’s not the only reason you should be trying rainbow hair out! Here are some more…


1. No Bleaching Required

1 rainbow hair

Image: pulpriothair on Instagram


As everyone knows, bleaching is not the best thing for your hair. The oil slick technique, however, requires no bleaching. Not only does that mean no damage to hair, it also translates into lesser time spent in the salon!

2. It Doesn’t Have To Be OTT

2 rainbow hair


Image: jinniejinniedc on Instagram

You don’t need to go over the top with it. Rainbow hair can be subtle and stunning too!


3. Perfect For Indian Hair

3 rainbow hair

Image: samihairmagic on Instagram


Black and brown hair provide the perfect canvas for these bright colours to shine. Blondes don’t have more fun, after all!

4. Shaadi Season Hair On Point

4 rainbow hair


Image: hairbysaraaaa on Instagram

Looking for a hair makeover before the shaadi season hits? Your jewel toned tresses will fit right in with the festivities! Go for a subtle iridescent glow that shines in the light, if brighter colours are a tad too funky for your wedding style.


5. Emphasize Your Haircut

5 rainbow hair

Image: lindseyzenker on Instagram


People with steps and layers can say hurray, for this hair colour trend actually emphasizes your haircut and gives it more depth. Never say boring again!

6. The Hidden Rainbow

6 rainbow hair


Image: phildoeshair on Instagram

Hidden rainbow hair is all the rage, and we can see why! By keeping the colour only to the inner layers, you can hide it with the top layer! Doesn’t it look fabulous?


7. Oil Slick Ombre

7 rainbow hair

Image: pulpriothair on Instagram


Slowly transition from your natural hair colour to jewel tones. The black to blonde ombre gets a stunning makeover with rainbow hair!

8. Long Lasting Colour

8 rainbow hair


Image: tarralindalhairstylist on Instagram

Colour your hair once and forget about it! Rainbow hair colour will last you for at least two months without any touch ups.


9. Naturally Pretty

9 rainbow hair

Image: sadiejcre8s on Instagram


The balayage technique used creates soft and natural movements. This means no stark lines and hues which stand out severely against your natural hair colour.

10. And Finally: Because It’s Stunning!

10 rainbow hair


Image: maddiemarissa on Instagram

We don’t need to say anything. A picture is worth a thousand words.

21 Nov 2016
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