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It’s Happening! Rahul & Disha Are All Set To Tie The Knot On This Date & We’re Excited AF

It’s Happening! Rahul & Disha Are All Set To Tie The Knot On This Date & We’re Excited AF

Recently, Disha Parmar shared the cutest pic on her Instagram handle holding Rahul Vaidya’s iconic ‘Marry Me’ T-Shirt. It was the same tee that the singer used to propose to his girlfriend from the Bigg Boss house. Obviously, the snap made us quite nostalgic and all we could think was—When is the big date??

Well, if you have been rooting for this adorable couple and wondering about their wedding as well, then we’ve got something really, really special for you. Like hold-your-heart-and-brace-yourself kinda special. Turns out, there is a reason why the couple is looking back at those sweet memories. Because believe it or not fam, it’s finally happening. Rahul and Disha are all set to tie the knot and have decided the date of their shaadi as well! 


The couple is tying the knot on *drumrolls please* July 16. Isn’t this amazing?! In ten days from now, the lovebirds who began their romantic journey from the Bigg Boss house (well, long-distance relationship) will finally become Mr & Mrs. How beautiful is that? TBH, we’re so emotional ‘coz we have been waiting for this day for quite a while now.

Talking about the wedding, Rahul has confirmed that it will be an intimate affair with only close friends and family present. While speaking to a leading daily, he said, “Disha and I have always been in favour of a close-knit wedding. We want our loved ones to attend our big day and bless us. The marriage will be held according to the Vedic rituals and we will also have Gurbani Shabad sung at the ceremony.”


Given the current uncertain times, we think it’s the best decision. Also, remember when the soon-to-be bride had entered Bigg Boss 14 and demanded a grand wedding? Yeah well, turns out that it’s not really the case. Disha has always wanted an intimate ceremony and shared, “My idea of an ideal wedding ceremony is an intimate affair. Marriage is a union of two people and their respective families with their dear ones in attendance. I have always wished for a simple ceremony and I am glad that’s exactly what we are going ahead with.”

Oh wait, what was that? You can hear the song Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali in the background as well? Of course you can, because this is so special! We cannot wait to see Rahul and Disha in their stunning bride and groom avatars already. The countdown begins now!

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Feature Image: Instagram

05 Jul 2021

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