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Sunday Shorts: 3 Kinky Tales of Steamy Sex during Vacation!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Kinky Tales of Steamy Sex during Vacation!

1. You’re In For A Treat, Baby!

To celebrate New Year’s Eve my boyfriend and I, along with a group of friends, decided to go on a vacation. It was our first holiday together (psst…or should I say sex during vacation experience) after almost 2 years of dating! On the first morning, we woke up late. After a night of crazy partying, I really did not want to step out of the hotel – I just wanted to relax! Initially, we went down to join everyone for breakfast but my boyfriend decided to tell our friends to carry on without us. I was so happy that he did that. We both ran back to our room. Even before I could unlock the door, he grabbed me from behind and whispered, ‘You’re in for a treat baby.”

As soon as we entered the room, he kissed me so hard that it left me breathless. He led me to the bed and proceeded to take off my shorts, while slowly kissing my thighs. What he did next with his mouth, sent me over the edge within 2 minutes. Before I knew it, he had removed his clothes and we proceeded to have the most passionate vacation sex ever! The love making lasted hours and by the time our friends came back, three hours later, we were both still in bed. We refused to leave our room or attend their calls. Our friends made fun of us for the remainder of the trip but those wonderful hours together were totally worth it!
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2.  Wet And Wild!

We’d been waiting to take a vacation together for the longest time. Long distance takes a toll on you after a while and he and I, well, we were best friends turned lovers. It wasn’t just the kisses we missed but also the talks and long walks. He was in Bangalore and I was in Delhi so we decided to meet in Goa for a little beach getaway.

He was reaching a few hours before me so we were going to meet directly at our resort. When I reached I saw that the door to our room was open, I stepped inside and called out his name, there was no one there but I could hear the water running in the bathroom. I peeked in and saw him sitting inside the bathtub, ‘Want to join me, miss?’ he smiled cheekily. I laughed, as I stripped my clothes off and got in the tub with him, planting a kiss on his lips. He held me by my waist and pulled me closer. Things were already wet and it didn’t take us long to make them wild!

So far, this sex session makes it the best start to a holiday, ever! vacation sex 2

3. Sex By The Beach

It was a busy week for the two of us. Late night work shifts and hurried breakfast dates ate their way into our love life. We needed a break from reality and decided to escape the city for the weekend.

We checked into a tiny beach resort. Our room was lovely! The cold breeze, lush greenery, and silence in the air made sure that we were relaxed. As soon as I got out off the washroom, I was surprised to see the curtains drawn, the lighting dimmed and rose petals generously sprinkled all over our bed. Before I could turn around, I felt his hands on my waist and his warm breath on my neck. He gently carried me to the bed and started kissing me all over. I missed his touch so much that I didn’t hold back, I held his body close to mine and passionately locked lips with his. It was after a long time that we had passionate sex during vacation. The best part about spending the Saturday with your man is that you get to wake up in his arms the next Sunday morning. And of course, with the view of the gorgeous golden beach. How I wish I could bring that weekend back!

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06 Apr 2017

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