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13 ‘Rachel Green’ Moods That Are EVERY 20-Something Girl!

13 ‘Rachel Green’ Moods That Are EVERY 20-Something Girl!

From not being able to serve the right order to people at the cafe Central Perk to being a career inspiration for all of us – Rachel Green is every girl’s spirit animal. Not just her career, she aced almost everything in life starting from friendship and relationships to singlehood and motherhood. Ladies, it’s time to admit that, at one point or another we have been exactly like her. Here are 13 Rachel Green moods that are every 20-something girl ever!

1. When you are goofy as heck but still think of yourself as the diva in college

rachel green moods 1 dancing senior year

2. When you finally face the truth and know it’s a bad, bad world (but love life, anyway!)

rachel green moods 2 real world sucks

3. When you have that sudden breakup and know he is not worth the tears!

rachel green moods 3 drinking from the bottle

4. But still end up drunk dialling him just to be the ‘cool’ one!

rachel green moods 4 closure

5. …And realise that you are not very good with decision making!

rachel green moods 5 bad decision making

6. But the bottom line is – you hate being alone!

rachel green moods 6 being alone

7. Your best friend tags someone else on a funny meme and you’re like…

rachel green moods 7 betrayed

8. We all have that one boy, who is our lobster <3

 rachel green moods 8 ross and rachel lobster

9. But when things don’t work out well, you find it difficult to move on 🙁

rachel green moods 9 posessive

10. You pull yourself together because you know your worth!

rachel green moods 10 smirking

11. And then the cutie across the hall says ‘hi’

 rachel green moods 11 says hi

12. When you want to steer clear of profanities but still want to express what you feel!

rachel green moods 12 abusing

13. And in the end, you know you’ll never be able to get through life without your besties…

rachel green moods13 girlfriends wedding

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30 Jun 2017

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