#ManiMonday: The Hottest Nail Trends Of 2020 That Make This Year A Little Bearable

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Jul 5, 2020
#ManiMonday: The Hottest Nail Trends Of 2020 That Make This Year A Little Bearable


Instagram can be a place of discovery. A place where you can find new and long-lost friends, bookmark places to visit, buy one-of-a-kind products, and come across interesting trends in the world of beauty that are perfect to try as you stay at home in quarantine. If doing makeup or nail art gives you the freedom to express yourself more creatively and makes you feel lively, you’re gonna love these amazing nail art designs that are set to dominate your Instagram feed in 2020! Down to give yourself a stunning manicure today? Read on!

Nail Trends To Lookout For

P.S. Be ready to *wow* your way to the bottom of our list!

Modern French Manicure

Using a white shade on your nail tips for a French manicure? As Miranda Priestly would say, “Groundbreaking”. Add some colour to your nails by ditching your basic white for some coloured ones. Neons, dark shades, and even glitter–the sky is the limit.

Frog Nails


Frog nails is the latest ‘animal nails’ trend on the block! This tropical-esque nail art is perfect if you’re missing going on a summer vacay this year. Inspired by a frog’s skin, it includes painting your nails using a bright shade and then creating frog-like spots with black nail polish.

Yin Yang Nails

If you believe in the ancient Chinese philosophy of Ying Yang (dualism), or are simply a fan of the minimal yet statement-making design, bookmark this for your next DIY nail art.

Cotton Candy Nails

The pastel-hued ultra-feminine manicure is taking over the ‘Gram, one awesome design at a time. All you need are two cutesy shades of nail polish. Apply two coats of each on a sponge and dab it directly on each nail for an impromptu ombré finish.

Foil Nails

Time to spoil your nails with some foil! Just crush some foil pieces (aluminium or the gold one that’s used for chocolate wrapping) and use small bits on your nails. How? Apply over nail polish–coloured or transparent– or over bare nails. Just don’t forget to seal the deal with a topcoat. You can also use foil eyeshadows for the same.

Micro FrenchTips

Your basic French tips got chicer (didn’t know if that was even possible!). Just apply your base coat (or a nude nail paint) and using a fine brush, add a thin stroke to the tip of your nails. That’s it, all done. It’s true what they say – less is more.

Cow Nails

Snake, frog, tiger, zebra, and now cow–it’s like Animal Planet on our nails. Think tiger prints but cuter, that’s cow nails for you. We love how people are experimenting the nail art with different and multicoloured combinations.

The Milky Ombré

If you love minimalistic designs, milky ombré nails are perfect for you. As the name suggests, it involves creating an ombré finish on your nails using just white nail polish and a clear one. The result? S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!

Plant Nails

That pink background with green plant trend was EVERYWHERE last year! From clothes to shoes to even wall decor! And guess what, us makeup enthusiasts have managed to keep it trending, too–in the form of nail art! How refreshing is that!

Crystal Nails

Add some magic to your nails by adding the healing powers (and blonding shine) of crystals. Use nail glue to stick miniature versions of your favourite crystals on your nails for an instant luxe-looking upgrade.

So, what does your #ManiMonday look like?

Featured Image: Instagram