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10 Questions NO Girl Wants To Answer During Sex!

10 Questions NO Girl Wants To Answer During Sex!

It’s always good to talk to the person you’re getting into bed with, of course. Because sex is as much about intimacy as it is about physical pleasure. But there are some things best not discussed – especially when you’re actually in bed. Here are a few such things – questions during sex that no girl wants to hear, let alone answer!

1. When did you last have sex?

Because, dude, that’s private information!

2. Who did you last have sex with?

And that’s even more private.

2 questions during sex


3. Is this the best sex you’ve ever had?

Even if it’s not, can’t really say it, can I, without being a bit mean?

4. Am I big enough?

I’m here, and participating – is that not enough? Focus on pleasure, please, not feeling insecure!

4 questions during sex

5. Can we turn the lights off?

Yes, we know, women are supposed to be the ones who make the lights-off request. But guys say it too, and it just makes us feel like they’re not enjoying looking at us.


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6. Can we do it without a condom?

The answer is NO. Unless, of course, you have a clean bill of health to present right now, and are also willing to be a supportive partner and an amazing dad to any potential offspring.

6 questions during sex

7. Have you put on weight?

WTF. That’s just…inappropriate, if not downright offensive.


8. How many people have you had sex with?

Why does it even matter?

8 questions during sex

9. Where did you learn to do that?

C’mon. Do you really want an honest answer to that one? 😉

10. What are you thinking?

Hopefully about how amazing being in bed with you is. 😛


10 questions during sex

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09 Jun 2016

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