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10 AMAZING Songs For The Bride Who Wants Her Entry To Be *Hatke*

10 AMAZING Songs For The Bride Who Wants Her Entry To Be *Hatke*

The bridal entry is one of the most special moments of a wedding. It is the moment when the bride walks down the aisle with her father/ brother and enters a new phase of her life. All eyes are on her, and usually, you get to see some tears of joy in the eyes of the family members who watch on as wedding songs play in the background. Brides-to-be, to make this emotional moment a little light-hearted and fun, we have a few fun songs the bride can enter on. Here’s the list…

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1. Kala Chashma

A day wedding and a pair of sunglasses is all that a bride needs to make her entry on this song! A fun number with amazing beats, this one will surely make your bridal entry memorable!

2. Desi Girl

An oldie but a goodie – this song manages to create a storm each time it is played. Being a ‘desi bride’, you can totally rock your bridal entry with this number!

3. London Thumakda

This song has managed to bring even our grandmothers on the dance floor, and having this as your bridal entry song will surely make everyone tap their feet as they watch you enter. We promise you lots of hooting and whistles with this one!

4. Banno Tera Swagger

Perfect number for the bride who’s got all that swag! A modern number with some awesome dhol beats, this one will surely make the entry super fun!

5. Tune Maari Entriyaan

The bride making her entry, the groom and everyone else looking at her, and background music so apt – this is the perfect song with the perfect lyrics for this moment of the occasion!

6. Kar Gayi Chull

You are the bride and that makes you the most special person of the moment! ‘Main ladki beautiful kar gayi chull’ as your background song will kick start the entertainment for the night and add the element of cool to your entry!

7. Badri Ki Dulhania

‘Haaye main mar gayi, sooli pe chadh gayi, no no no kehna thaa, lekin haan kar gayi!’ – want a typical Bollywood, dhamakedaar, full of swag type of an entry? Then this song is JUST for you!

8. Drama Queen

Give your guy one last warning with this song playing as you make your bridal entry! Let him know that the girl he is getting married to is nothing less than a ‘drama queen’!

9. Gulaabo

An offbeat bridal entry number, and one that’s super cool! This one is sure to have the guests talking about your awesome bridal entry for years to come.

10. Raat Ke Dhai Baje

A song which is often forgotten, but one that had been one of the most fun songs during the time of its release. A naughty, fun and sexy song, it will make your bridal entry iconic and special. In a funny manner, it talks about the adventures that you and your fiancé are in for and will surely make your almost-husband blush, and friends and family cheer!

25 Apr 2017

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