Close Shave: These Products Will Make Sure You Have A SMOOTH Shaving Experience Down There!

Sonali PawarSonali Pawar  |  Oct 12, 2017
Close Shave: These Products Will Make Sure You Have A SMOOTH Shaving Experience Down There!

When was the last time you were sweating bullets before getting a bikini wax? We know it’s extremely painful but that’s something you want to get done, isn’t it? Ladies, you don’t have to go through a lot of pain as shaving is here to your rescue. These days many women prefer shaving as it not only saves time but is pain free as well. We suggest you use these products before shaving your bikini area as they will make the entire process easy and smooth.

1. Scrub Away The Dead Cells


Exfoliating before you shave is a great idea, ladies! Use a gentle exfoliator and scrub away the dead skin around that area for a smooth shave down there. But, be careful that you don’t exfoliate the same day as it might cause rashes.

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2. Don’t Forget Vitamin E


To make your bikini area soft and for the razor to be able to move around the area smoothly, we suggest you apply Vitamin E oil. The oil will help prevent razor bumps and save the tender area from irritation.

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3. Shaving Cream, Obviously!


For a smooth and cut-free shave, use this shaving cream. Enriched with sandalwood paste and aloe vera juice, this shaving cream will help soothe and moisturize your bikini area as well. Other than making your shaving experience smooth and easy, it will also protect your skin, thanks to the cream’s antibacterial properties!

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4. Pre Shave Gel


Your razor will glide freely with this gel and make your shaving experience smooth. It helps decrease irritation as it contains aloe vera and Vitamin E extracts. It will leave your skin super smooth and soft, so make sure you use it every time you shave.

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5. To Make It A Smooth Process


With a 3 spring-mounted blade, this razor is gentle on the skin. It glides easily and makes shaving super easy and time saving, too. The flexible shave gel bars contain rich body butter that helps the razor work smoothly on sensitive skin.

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