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8 Types of Bra Styles *Every* Girl Should Own!

8 Types of Bra Styles *Every* Girl Should Own!

This story was updated in January 2019. A bra is not just a piece of lingerie. Well, technically it is, but it does so much more than just provide support. Bras also help boost your confidence by enhancing the look of your outfit. It is however very important to know what kind of bra to wear for which occasion so that your pretty outfits don’t lose their charm. With so many bra styles available, it’s normal to get a little perplexed. No need to stress out, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 bra styles every girl must have in her wardrobe.

Types of Bra styles

1. Go multi-way

pretty bra 2 Multi-way bras are perfect for a simple reason – they can be worn under just about any outfit. If you are worried about your bra straps playing peek-a-boo then this is the bra style for you. This pretty piece in black with purple lace is the perfect blend of high street fashion and luxury. It can be worn under tube dresses, spaghetti strap tops, halter necks etc. The convertible straps allow you to choose the way you want to wear the bra. It is perfect for girls who need the comfort of straps yet want to ensure that the straps remain inconspicuous.


2. Sporty Spice

pretty bras 2 Every girl who works out knows how important it is to wear a good sports bra. It gives your bust the (much needed) support it needs during a rigorous workout. This lightweight padded sports bra is perfect for every girl that exercises. Whether you hit the gym regularly, enjoy going for the occasional run or even if you like doing yoga in the comfort of your living room – a good sports bra is something every girl should invest it. The best part is that they come in the most appealing colours and can be worn with almost anything. Now you can be selfie-ready even while you work out 😉

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3. Push it up!

pretty bra 1 Push up bras just as the name suggests pushes your breasts up giving them a fuller, rounder look. It enhances your cleavage and gives you the right amount of confidence. This bra can be worn under a bodycon t-shirt as it’s seamless too. It is so comfortable that it can be worn all day long and is an ideal choice for all college-going girls

4. Lovely in lace

pretty bra 4 A delicate lace bra is another style that should be a part of every girl’s lingerie wardrobe. It makes you feel super feminine and its understated beauty is very very appealing. If you are feeling daring and want a hint of your innerwear to show then pair it with a sheer top, or a low cut dress. This red scalloped edge lace bra is perfect for a night out in an elegant dress.


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5. Strapless wonder

pretty bra 5 Strapless and off-shoulder tops often get shelved and pushed to the back of our cupboards because we can’t find the right bra. This is why you need a well fitted strapless bra – a comfortable one that supports the bust and doesn’t threaten to constantly slip down your torso. This pretty strapless bra can be worn with your favourite strapless outfit. It takes care of the two things that every girl cares about- comfort and style! Another option for strapless & backless bras is Stick on Bras. We know what you are thinking – it’s time to show off those gorgeous shoulders in a beautiful strapless dress.


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6. T-shirt comfort

petty bra 6 The t-shirt bra is an essential piece of lingerie that is a staple for most girls because it’s super comfortable, classy and can be worn effortlessly under all kinds of t-shirts and dresses. Pick this if you like the girl-next-door look and want to stick to it.


7. Sweetheart surprise

pretty bra 7 Meet the sweetheart neckline – the perfect companion for different types of breasts. With full cover and molded cups, sweetheart necklines accentuate your cleavage and give your twins just the right amount of exposure. It’s padded, wired and gives you full coverage so if you love the combination, then you will love this! The grey and pink combination makes this bra unique and sophisticated and the comfort makes it our personal favourite.

8. Full cover beauty

pretty bra 8 This bra gives you full coverage, great support and amazing comfort. Flirty and fabulous! Which is how you feel when you get your hands on this pretty floral piece. If you love to show off your bra, then this can be worn with tops with big arm holes. Or if you don’t, then it’s the perfect t-shirt bra that can be worn under all other outfits as well. It is seamless and can be worn under all your bodycon outfits. *This is a sponsored post for amanté

29 Sep 2016
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