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Nailing It & How: Here’s Why Press-On Nails Are Every Lazy Woman’s Manicure Dream

Nailing It & How: Here’s Why Press-On Nails Are Every Lazy Woman’s Manicure Dream



Don’t you just love getting your nails done? Those freshly painted nails with a glossy shine, perfectly clipped with no chipping in sight for days can be so uplifting! That clicky-click vibe you get while texting your friends or the urge to keep double-tapping photos on the ‘gram just to see your new nails again and again–yup, that’s the best feeling. Although our nails are getting a (much-needed) break from nail extensions, gel nail appointments and whatnot, we do miss going to the salon for a manicure. Well, don’t we?

Just because parlours are shut due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy a bomb manicure at home!

*Enter press-on nails.*

What Are Press-On Nails?



Press-on nails are an amazing way to glam up your nails without committing to a permanent manicure. As the name suggests, all you have to do is press the sticker-like nails (with the help of nail glue or some other safe adhesive option) onto your nails and voila – your nails are ready to be shown off! It’s literally press(ing) on the nails. Like clip-on earrings.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and designs. Usually, one packet has more than the standard number of nails (10) so that anyone can use them, irrespective of the shape of their nails. Convinced? Here’s why you should order a set (or more) right away! Read on!


Press-On Nails: Pros (& Cons)



– Super affordable

– Easy to use–you do not need any kind of assistance to put them on

– Easy to removable, unlike nail extensions–the top layer of press-on nails do not come off

– Available in many designs–neons, glitter, embellished, rainbow art, and even the classic French tips

– Easy to put on using any kind of sticky material depending on how long you want them to stay on

– Reusable–just wash them using soap and water and they’re good as new

All this without compromising the condition of your nails? Amazing! Just what a lazy girl like me needed! The concept of press-on nails is not new but yet to pick up its pace in India. Although, it does have some cons to it.


– Not that long-lasting

– Can easily fall off

– Not as strong or withstanding as compared to a gel manicure


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Where To Buy Press-On Nails?


Are you ready to nail it and get that fabulous feeling while in quarantine? Then add these to your cart STAT!

Perfect For Summers

Welcome To The Wild Side

Flower Child

Shimmy Shimmy Yay

I’m So Fancy!

All set to nail it? We know we are!

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24 Jun 2020

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