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Bigg Boss OTT Is Finally Airing & We Already Want To Punch This Contestant

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Aug 9, 2021
Bigg Boss OTT Is Finally Airing & We Already Want To Punch This Contestant


So, Bigg Boss OTT finally premiered last night amid much anticipation, excitement, and, of course, lots of drama. I mean is it even Bigg Boss sans any drama anyway? That said, seems like some contestants took the OTT theme a tad too seriously, and nope, we do not approve. We are talking about a particular contestant here and in case you watched last night’s episode it won’t take you too long to guess the right answer. The elaichi to last night’s BB biryani was Pratik Sehajpal, who stood out like an eyesore for us. Not even a proper BB episode yet and we already want to punch the crap out of him. Yup, that’s how annoyed we are by his behaviour in the premiere episode. We are pretty sure that he is going to be the most annoying Bigg Boss contestant this season. Here’s why:


Dying To Take Offence

During the premiere, Pratik kept trying to pick up random fights with almost everyone. He had a problem with people laughing, giving him compliments, and even just being themselves for that matter. To us, it looked like he was dying to take offence.  Perhaps someone told him that it’s the ones who pick up most fights that survive in this show. If only that person had also told Pratik that no one likes a buzz kill. 

All That Badtameezi!

Pratik was unnecessarily rude and meddlesome throughout the premiere. When his fellow contestants were asked to share their first impression of him, Raqesh Bapat very politely dodged it by saying that he’d first talk to him inside the house and then make his opinion. Karan Johar added to this by saying that Raqesh is going to be like an in-house therapist and for some God-forsaken reason, Pratik took instant offence. He immediately replied by saying that he has studied law and he too knows everything about everyone’s brains and what they are thinking about. “Koi nahi baith ke baat kar lenge, humein bhi bahut baatein karni aati hein,” he said. 

He was similarly rude to a lot of contestants including Urfi Javed, Divya Agarwal, and Shamita Shetty. With Shamita, he started off on a very rude note, by taking offence at something that was supposed to be a compliment. Later, when she refused to choose him as a partner for that exact reason, he took offence for that as well and went on blabbering until Karan cut him off. He also legit tried to pick up a fight with Divya when the host had specifically asked him to explain the show’s format to her.

That (Disturbing) Energy 

With phrases like “main bhagwaan hun” and “main karma hun” sprinkled generously in this entrance sequence, Pratik made it to the stage with disturbingly hyper energy. There wasn’t a single moment where he could just standstill. When Karan Johar commented on the same, he replied by saying, “There is so much time and money invested in this show. If I don’t maintain this energy then it’s a waste for everyone.” *Gulp* Bro, it would be a waste for us if you keep maintaining this energy ‘coz I legit feel like banging my tablet on the wall every time I see you on the screen. Arghhhh! 

Even when Milind Gaba tried to ease things out for Pratik by saying that it happens and sometimes we get anxious on the stage, the latter was all set to argue. “Anxious jo hota hai insaan wo itne comfortable body language mein nahi hota hai,” he instantly retorted. Well, there is no way in the world that it was “comfortable” body language. But I guess we are beginning to get Pratik’s problem–bro is delusional AF!

Please For The Love Of God, STFU

Abhi Toh Kuch Kahan Hi Nahi Maine,” he was heard saying during the premiere and well, God save our souls. I mean it takes guts to make that claim after you go on interrupting one person after another like it is perfectly alright and not at all irritating. The dude was so hyper-aggressive that he wasn’t even letting Karan Johar talk and kept randomly interrupting conversations even when no one was talking to him or about him.


So Many Contradictions 

For someone talking so much about karma, Pratik himself did not seem too keen on setting his own actions straight. In fact, while he had a problem with Shamita’s “contradictory” statement, he went on contradicting himself throughout the episode. He was rude to almost everyone, kept judging and insulting people and made a nasty comment on Zeeshan Khan’s appearance. He also had a problem with other contestants just sitting around smiling and clapping for each other. According to him, it wasn’t their true side. Fair point! However, he immediately disapproved of the entire lot the instant they had to say something about him. He only seemed to like Nishant Bhat who was “smiling and clapping” throughout his introduction.  

Can’t believe that I am saying this but it would have been kinda nice had Salman Khan been hosting the show last night to set this man straight.

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