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Say Hello To Major Drama Once Again! 12 Thoughts We Had While Watching Bigg Boss OTT Premiere

Our wait finally came to an end as Bigg Boss OTT finally premiered tonight! Needless to say, we were hooked right from the beginning to the end of the episode and were curious to see how over-the-top it would be. The first episode was everything we expected it to be–fun, entertaining and full of drama. In case you missed watching the premiere, we’ve got you covered. Here is the full list of contestants who were introduced tonight.

For the unversed, the theme of Bigg Boss OTT is #StayConnected. Keeping up with the theme, the contestants will be entering the house with their connections. In tonight’s premiere episode, the girls got to choose one guy as their connection, with whom they will play the game until the finale. The rule is simple–‘No connection. No finale.’ Without further ado, here’s a look at our thoughts about each contestant!

Eligible and Sarvagun Sampann Raqesh Bapat


Quiet and charming–that’s what we thought of Raqesh Bapat when he was introduced by the host Karan Johar! He is one of the most popular faces on Bigg Boss OTT, and he was almost every female contestant’s choice for ‘connection’. Well, the quiet and smart contestants like him reveal their cards carefully and go a long way in the reality show!

Bathrobe Sensation Zeeshan Khan


Remember Zeeshan Khan’s viral video in which he was seen in a bathrobe at the airport? Well, we weren’t surprised to see him gatecrash the Bigg Boss OTT stage wearing a bathrobe once again. In the few moments that we saw him, it was his hyperactive energy that stood out. We can’t wait to see him perform tasks with the same energy!

Punjabi Rockstar Millind Gaba


While the little interaction didn’t give away a lot about Milind Gaba’s personality, we think he will be among the fun personalities who will entertain the audience with his music. Milind said, “Punjabiyon ki har cheez OTT hoti hai–dance, khaana, gussa.” Hmmm…interesting! We will have to wait and watch what he brings to the show.

Charming Choreographer Nishant Bhat


Choreographer Nishant Bhat seems like the quiet, shy kind, who stays away from unnecessary fights and drama. So far, his strategy is to entertain the audience and the co-contestants with his dance. Will that be entertaining enough, though? We’ll just have to wait and watch.

Silent Yet Chasrismatic Karan Nath


Karan Nath gave very gentlemanly vibes right from the moment we saw him on Bigg Boss OTT! The Bollywood actor, who is known for playing a romantic hero in Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa, did not reveal a lot of his personality in the first episode. So far, he doesn’t seem to be among the most entertaining contestants, but who knows? We might be in for a surprise.

Drama Bharpoor Pratik Sehajpal


Pratik Sehajpal seemed to have stirred up the hornet’s nest right from the first episode. He has already had a war of words with half the contestants, before even entering the BB house! We can definitely expect ample drama and fights from this guy.

Dazzling And Confident Shamita Shetty


Shamita Shetty is no stranger to reality shows, so there’s no doubt she will play the game really well. While she is polite and charming, Shamita made it known that she takes no nonsense from anyone. While she didn’t initiate a fight with Pratik, she also didn’t back down when Pratik called her out for not choosing him. We love a girl who stands her ground, and it will be fun to see how Shamita tackles fights inside the BB house!

Bubbly And Chirpy Urfi Javed

We are already loving Urfi’s fun, ‘tez katari,’ and bubbly vibe! From the little glimpse we got, it seemed like Urfi says what’s on her mind. Contestants like these have earlier fared really well on the show, so we can’t wait to see Urfi’s journey!

Sherni Neha Bhasin


Neha Bhasin appears to be a strong personality, who will effortlessly tackle anything that comes her way. Given her strong personality, we think she will go far in the game.

Fierce And Moophat Moose Jattana  


For some reason, Moose Jattana brings a refreshing energy to Bigg Boss! She seems outspoken and has a fun vibe about her. She seems unafraid to voice her opinions, and that is always entertaining to watch on Bigg Boss!

Bindaas Bhojpuri Diva Akshara Singh  


She made a powerful entry in Bigg Boss OTT, and it is clear she is here to win. She also has a very loud voice, which made her co-contestants sit up and take notice. Besides, she chose to be paired with Pratik Sehajpal–something that no other female contestant was willing to do! So far, we are intrigued by her choices, and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Queen Of Reality Shows Divya Agarwal


Everyone has sky-high expectations from Divya Agarwal, considering she was a part of several reality shows earlier. However, what we didn’t expect, was a fight right in the first episode! Divya is clearly going to be one of the strongest competitors on Bigg Boss OTT.

Fearless Ridhima Pandit

Riddhima Pandit was one of the last contestants to enter Bigg Boss OTT, and while she didn’t get enough screen time, we can already tell she will create a huge splash while on the show!

So far, the list of contestants looks interesting! We can only wait and watch what each one of them brings to the reality show.

Featured Image: Twitter/Voot

09 Aug 2021

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