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Plixxo: We Got Blogger Juhi Godambe To Decode Her Beach Beauty Look

Plixxo: We Got Blogger Juhi Godambe To Decode Her Beach Beauty Look

The best way to brave the scorching heat these days? Run away from it! Yes ladies, book yourself that fabulous, relaxing beach vacay and take off if you really want to escape the heat. Throw in that summer hat, sunscreen, crop tops, shorts and plan your beach beauty looks to feel and look stunning by the water. Before you get all baffled, we decided to bring in  Plixxo Super Blogger Juhi Godambe to decode the perfect beach look. We asked her five questions, and here’s her expert input…

1. What’s your go-to beauty look for a regular beach day?

I live in Bombay and it gets very hot here. So I make it a point to keep my look very minimal on the beach. I don’t want to go all out with makeup on the beach because the heat is only going to make it melt. I apply sunscreen, tons of it. I always fill in my brows and add a touch of mascara. Sometimes I use blush too, just to give my face that fresh, sunkissed look. At times I go with a tinted lip balm, and if I must use lipstick, I pick a nude pink shade. Less is more is the ideal mantra for the ideal beach look.

2. If we were to rummage through your beach bag, what are the beauty essentials we’d find in there?

2 beach beauty look

Image: Instagram

Sunscreen, DEFINITELY! Also, lip balm – this is because my lips tend to dry up and get chapped when I chill at the beach. And if I’m getting pictures taken, I use some highlighter. Just a drop of liquid highlight gives a lovely dewy look that comes out beautifully in pictures.

3. Any skincare tips that you follow for that glow by the water?

If you generally take care of your skin always, it will glow no matter where you are. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water and go for minimal makeup on hot days. And of course no matter how perfect you are, we all have some blemishes and spots here and there – so on the days that I want to cover those up, I use the Fenty Beauty foundation. I love that product, it feels like your real skin!

4. What’s the hairdo you go for when at the beach?

4 beach beauty look

Image: Instagram

I hardly ever feel the need to tie up my hair on the beach. I simply braid my hair before going to bed the night before a beach day and open it up in the morning. The beach waves you get after this trick look absolutely stunning. My advice, however, is to just go natural. Even if it gets frizzy, that’s completely fine because that looks great on the beach so go for it!

5. Post beach day skin and haircare advice that you’d like to give all beach bums out there… 

Your hair and skin are exposed to the sun on a beach trip/ day. So, what I typically do to rehabilitate my hair is to use a deep conditioning mask. I go for one by Moroccan Oil – all you have to do is leave it on for 10-15 minutes before heading in for a shower. This packs back a lot of moisture into my scalp and hair. As for my face, I use a hydrating sheet mask to get the moisture and plumpness back into my skin.

Well, we have to say that Juhi sure does have her beach look sorted (check out her Instagram and see for yourself), and it is something we’d love to emulate and pull off just like her. Give it a shot, ladies!

01 Jun 2018

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