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13 Places Your Man Wants You To Touch *Him* During Sex!

13 Places Your Man Wants You To Touch *Him* During Sex!

Women have certain pleasure points and not all of them are a secret but have you ever wondered where do men like to be touched? Men too have a few pleasure points that make them go weak in their knees. So where to touch a man during sex? And if you think you know them all, then think again! Do you find yourself lost and clueless when it comes to hitting the right button in bed, with your man? Here are a few places your man wants you to touch him during sex. How many did you know about?

Where To Touch A Man During Romance To Turn Him On

So where do guys like to be touched while kissing? Guess it’s no longer a secret with our list of sensitive parts of a man during romance where you can tease him. Thank us later!

1. Kiss his neck

The neck is a sensitive area and can cause sudden shivers to anyone. Nibble around his neck and kiss him slowly. Move towards his chest and then back to the neck. This will surely turn him on!

1 places your man wants you to touch

2. Nibble his ears

While thinking of where to touch a man during romance, did you ever think about going for the ears? Well,  the ear is the most underrated area when it comes to arousing him. Gently touch his ears or lick them a little. No guy can ever resist a few dirty whispers in his ear!

3. Work around his inner thighs

How to arouse a man with touch? Don’t just get lost around his package. Explore the area around it a little and touch the inner area of his thigh gently. It’s definitely something different and he will just love it!

3 places your man wants you to touch

4. Don’t miss his face

Every man loves the gentle touch of a woman’s hand on his face and why wouldn’t he? Our hands are super soft and pretty. *Smug* Jokes aside, gently touch his face while talking or cuddling or simply massage his temples. He will feel relaxed and aroused, both at the same time. You should conquer the art of how to arouse a man with touch to have ultimate fun in the bed.

5. Touch of a hand

This is quite an effective tip to complete the business. Touch his hands and hold them when you’re cuddling with him and even during foreplay. This not only brings him closer to you but also raises the temperature between the sheets! Hold his hands firmly and hold them tight… So that he knows you want more!

5 places your man wants you to touch

6. Secret weapon: His feet

No, it’s not at all strange to actually touch him around his feet during foreplay. In fact, while you’re going down on him, take a break and give him a gentle and sexy massage. He will love it for sure!

7. The shaft of his penis

Where to touch a man during sex? The answer is stating the obvious but men actually like it when you touch the shaft of their private parts. Don’t confuse it with a handjob but just gently run your fingers from the tip of his penis to down below and watch him moan.

7 places your man wants you to touch

8. Crucial areas like…

… His testicles! Sure, a lot of women have mastered the art of handjob but a lot of them still may not know that his balls are equally sensitive. Touch them gently to make him feel like he is on top of the world!

9. Men have G-spots too

Yes! Men have a G-spot too which is located near their rectum. It’s kind of a private region to intervene, so you might want to have a little chat with him before you try this one out.

9 places your man wants you to touch

10. Smack that!

His butt is definitely an ignored area while having sex. Turn him on with a little smack when he is least expecting it. He will love you for this. Trust us!

11. His nipples are as sensitive as yours

If you’re with a man who really likes it when you play with his nipples then this trick will surely help. After gently stroking it, use your tongue to gently suck them. He’ll surely love it. Pro tip: Go super slow!

11 places your man wants you to touch

12. Tease his tongue & make him want you more

Playing with each other’s tongue in bed is a good start and nothing can be more tempting or seducing than this. Start by kissing and sucking his lower lip and then suck his tongue and slightly pull it back. Tease him a little by stopping for few seconds and keeping yourself at a distance while teasing him with your tongue. This will make him mad and he will come forward to get your tongue. A little chasing will make it fun!

13. Run your fingers through his hair

Where do guys like to be touched while kissing? Well, while you are lost kissing him, make sure to run your fingers through his hair. You may also some time grab his hair and pull his head backwards for a passionate kiss. Guys love when the woman shows control over them so be confident and go for it!

We hope we have explained to you in the easiest way possible that where do guys like to be touched while kissing and where to touch a man when you want to arouse him. Now that you know the tricks it’s showtime ladies!

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13 Apr 2017

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