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10 *Pleasure* Spots Guys Have (Turn Him On Like Never Before!)

10 *Pleasure* Spots Guys Have (Turn Him On Like Never Before!)

Ladies, if you want to give your man the best bedroom experience of his life, trust us, it’s really not at all difficult to do it. You just need to know how to touch a man (your man obviously)! Pleasing your man in bed is not rocket science if you know what his hot-spots are. So, instead of limiting yourself to just his package, it’s time for you to explore the rest of his body too! Here are a few places to touch your guy to turn him on like crazy!

Seduce, Arouse & Turn Him On: Know Where To Touch A Man

Just like you love it when he touches you in a sensual way, men also love the touch of a woman provided it’s on the right spots. Read on to know guys weak spots to turn them on and make him feel like heaven.

1. His nipples

Don’t be surprised ladies, it’s not just your nips that love the attention! Men love nipple stimulation as much as you do because of the presence of innumerable nerve endings in the areola. Trust us, the feel of your touch on his nipples would turn him on like nothing else!

2. The back of his neck

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. The human neck is packed with unimaginable amount of nerve endings. A few gentle strokes and wet kisses will make his hot even before you touch his junk!

2 places to touch your guy

3. His fingertips

Men are extremely visual creatures. They love the sight of you sucking on their fingers as it kinda gives them a preview of what you could do to other parts of him later! Just suck on his fingertips sexily and leave the rest to his imagination!

4. His scrotum

I know it’s no surprise but how to touch a man there? Stroking his balls gently with your fingers is a great idea. If you wanna get a little naughty, try sucking and licking them gently. Believe us, it will give him an unbelievable amount of pleasure!

4 places to touch your guy

5. His feet

Give him a pleasure pedicure by gently massaging his feet with warm oil with some special attention to his toes! Yes, you might have never thought this could turn him on but you’ll find out how great it makes him feel if you just watch his expression.

6. The back of his knees

Yes, ladies, the direct gateway to the pleasure island lies at the back of his knee folds. It is a super sensitive area that can get him in the mood with just a little bit of attention. That’s what we call making him ‘go weak at the knees’, literally!

6 places to touch your guy

7. His perineum

In case if you were wondering, the perineum is the area between his anus and testicles. It is super sensitive and is often ignored as his man jewels tend to steal all the attention. A few gentle strokes in the right spot will get him into a full-on pleasure frenzy!

8. The tongue

Spice up your kissing routine by playing around with his tongue. Start with licking his lower lip and then proceed to his tongue. Start with circling your tongue around his and then lightly sucking it. It has a great passion packed ability that’s often left undiscovered. Use it wisely, ladies!

8 places to touch your guy

9. His ‘F-spot’

Commonly known as the ‘F-spot’, his frenulum is an uncharted territory that’s often left unexplored by most women. It refers to the flesh underneath the crown of his penis, where the head connects to the shaft. A few licks on it and he will have the best time of his life!

10. His ears

Ears are every guy’s certified erogenous zone. Lick them. Suck on them. The warmth of your breath on his ears will make him go crazy!! We assure you ladies, you will get rewards that you would’ve never expected!

10 places to touch your guy

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30 Jan 2017

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