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These Pictures Of The World Struggling To Cope With Covid-19 Will Give You Goosebumps

These Pictures Of The World Struggling To Cope With Covid-19 Will Give You Goosebumps

The world is in the middle of an unprecedented global health crisis. The fatal coronavirus has infected over 1 million people across the globe and claimed the lives of as many as 50,000. The pandemic has worsened in places like the United States and Europe with New York City being the new epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak. The city needs over 2 million surgical masks and 1,00,000 surgical gowns for doctors to be able to treat the existing number of patients. In Europe, on the other hand, the cases have crossed the 3,00,000 mark and India too has witnessed a spike in the number of patients over the last two days. While we’re safe inside our homes, these pictures from across the world give us a glimpse into the grim reality we are facing. 

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United States: The Worst-Hit

The United States is the world’s worst-hit country right now. It has recorded more than 5,800 coronavirus deaths, according to CNN reports. It has confirmed more than 2,42,000 cases of the disease.

New York City

Images of doctors at NY hospitals dumping their gloves, to them handling bodies of those who have succumbed to coronavirus outbreak–these pictures will break your hearts.



Crematories extend their hours, burn bodies at night


A once-bustling New York City has now become eerily quiet with no human in sight at other-wise crowded spots like Times Square and Park Avenue.

Gravediggers open new graves in Brazil’s biggest cemetery


Kid spreads cheer


South California residents use teddy bears for positivity during social distancing


Europe: Continuous Rise In Death Rate

After the United States, the virus has also has had a devastating impact on European countries. COVID-19 has infected 1,15,242 people in Italy, 1,12,065 in Spain and 84,788 in Germany. 

Death toll in France jumps to 5,387


Spain’s coronavirus deaths top 10,000; Doctors wear garbage bags to ‘protect’ themselves


Confirmed Cases Shoot Up To 2,301Across India

The worst-hit segment of society amid the 21-day national lockdown in India is the poor and migrant workers. Visuals of migrant workers walking back to their home-town will make you feel starkly aware of your own privilige. 

Plight of the poor


20 year-old pregnant lady walks endlessly to reach her village


Stone pelted at doctors treating coronavirus


While the future is uncertain, it’s important to remind ourselves that this situation is temporary. We’re all in this together, and we’ll bounce back stronger once we overcome the crisis. Until then, stay home and stay safe!


02 Apr 2020

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