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8 Super Cute Ideas To *Personalize* Your Gift For Him!

8 Super Cute Ideas To *Personalize* Your Gift For Him!

This story was updated in January 2019.

When it comes to gifting the men in our lives something special, we almost always run out of ideas because we are so used to going to the nearest mall and picking up the basics – wallets, T-shirts, shoes, sweaters etc. Well, why not get creative this time around? Here’s a curated list of few personalised gifts for boyfriend that  you can explore to give him.

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8 Personalised Gifts You Can Buy

Cell Phone Covers

1 personalized gift ideas

This is one of the easiest things to personalise yet people rarely try it out. How about doing something simple but interesting like getting his favourite movie dialogue printed on the back of a cell phone cover? It’s really “an offer he can’t refuse”.


2 personalized gift ideas

Is your guy a bookworm? And even if he isn’t one, does he want to start reading books? Either way a bookmark is one of the most handy things to gift and there are quite possibly a million different designs and patterns you could pick from. One easy way to personalise it is by adding a doc tag with it. The tag could have his initials and his date of birth.

Framed Photos

3 personalized gift ideas

One of the easiest ways to personalise something is to make sure that he is in the picture – quite literally! Take a picture of him when he’s not even looking, catch him unawares. Frame this image and gift it to him. Now that you’ve successfully frozen a memory, all it needs is a nice frame and a sweet message on the back of the picture for him to remember the moment!

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A Personalised Umbrella

4 personalized gift ideas

All superheroes have their own unique emblem and your guy deserves one too. Lovely ladies, it’s time to put that brain into creative mode. Why is he your superhero? If you’ve figured out why he is your superhero then make an emblem for him. If you can’t, ask an artistic friend for some help. Get this emblem printed on the umbrella. Or a mug. Or whatever you think he would use the most!

Meme Coasters

5 personalized gift ideas

What would make him happier than this? Answer: Nothing. Well, maybe many things but meme coasters sound so cool and original! Don’t they? It’ll be a super unique gift that you just can’t go wrong with!

Initialled Handkerchiefs

6 personalized gift ideas

Most men don’t leave home without a handkerchief and also almost all of them carry white ones… Which, quite frankly, can look a little boring. Experiment with darker colours and sew in his initials to add that personalised touch.  

His Own Perfume

7 personalized gift ideas

Find out what sort of scents he prefers. When we go out to buy a perfume or a body spray we settle for what is closest to what we want to smell like. But if he could have a perfume that’s exactly what he wants then why not go ahead and make one or have it concocted? And empty beautiful jars can be found anywhere. It’s not really that hard!

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A Personalised Belt  

8 personalized gift ideas

Remember how Christopher Mccandless learns how to make one in “Into the Wild”? Well, if you don’t know, you should watch the movie, you’ll get the gist of it. Anyway, a personalised belt will really help show his personality without him even having to utter a word. And at the end of the day, why wear a brand’s initials when you can wear your own?!

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27 Jul 2016

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