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Work, Workout & Leisure Wear Commandments For When You Are On Your Period!

Work, Workout & Leisure Wear Commandments For When You Are On Your Period!

Menstrual cycles are an unavoidable fact in women’s lives and we have accepted it. Most women focus their time and energy on the right kind of protection on their low days. What they can ignore is the right kind of clothes you should be wearing if comfort is their top priority. We don’t wish to say that should NOT wear a certain kind of clothes while on your period, though the fact remains that there are a few outfit rules you can follow to stay carefree with your clothing choices. These clothing commandments can act as your checklist to always have in your wardrobe and be called upon when you need to put together a stylish outfit while on your period. Check them out:  

1. Try To Keep It Long

Long shirts are one of the safest (and stylish) separate you can wear on your period. In case you aren’t wearing a long shirt, carry a longline shrug or jacket for emergencies, this extra layer can hide all your embarrassing secrets.

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2. Wear Fabrics That Can Be Easily Cleaned

Fabrics like cotton, rayon silk and linen are comparatively easier to clean up, in case you do stain your clothes. As a rule of thumb, it will be safer to deck up in these fabrics instead of georgette or chiffon, which leave hints of the stain on your clothes even after thorough cleaning. Comfortable linen or cotton jeans can be your period bottoms for most occasions.


3. A Travel Companion

Getting your period while travelling is a big nuisance in itself. So properly dressing up for such an occasion because more important than anything else. Solid pyjamas, jeggings and joggers are a good gamble for the same, they are easy to remove or wear in public bathrooms and stay airy and comfortable throughout.   

3. The Right Undies For Your Mensies

Did you know that are brands available in the market who make special period panties you can wear on menstrual days, depending on the flow? These period panties are able to absorb the period blood and prevent leakage on even your heaviest days. Stock up on these essentials for a fuzz-free period experience!

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4. Go For High Waisted Bottoms

1 period - prachi desai


Most women deal with bloating and abdominal cramps during their menstrual cycles. It’s a good idea to not put any extra pressure on your lower abdomen with low waist bottoms. High-waisted pants and pencil skirts can also help tuck in that unwelcome bulge which comes with period bloating, keeping you relaxed in your outfit all day!

5. Wear Leggings With Your Skirts & Dresses

2 period - leggings with skirt

Maxi dresses and long flowy skirts are a godsend when you wish to comfortable in your period. But we often tend to avoid short skirts and dresses due to fear of leakage or general discomfort about the length. Pair your skirts and dresses with leggings to add that extra layer of protection on your flow days.

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6. Wear An Extra Layer While Working Out

3 period - kareena kapoor yoga

Women rely on may forms of period protection during working out. Tampons and menstrual cups are good inserts but intimidate most women, while pads are always a less comfortable backup. But that also increases the chances of staining since these methods are not always foolproof. Add an extra layer on the bottom, for instance bike shorts over your basic leggings to keep your pad in place or stay focused on your workout without thinking about staining.

7. Textured Pants In Dark Hues

Everybody knows that you stick to darker colours while on your period. Create an illusion of textures, prints and patterns to keep your accidental staining secret safe, till you can change into a clean pair.

29 Mar 2018

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