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10 Stylish AND Comfy Things To Wear When You’re On Your Period

10 Stylish AND Comfy Things To Wear When You’re On Your Period
We know it ladies, period struggles are *unbelievably real*. All we want to do is laze around in our PJs with a mug of hot chocolate. But why compromise on your sartorial choices, when you can still look hot during THAT time of the month? So we have a list of the best things to wear on your period that will definitely make your life easier on those tough days. Let’s face the crimson tide in style ladies!

1. Wide legged pants all the way

1 best things to wear on your period Flared or wide legged pants are really trending these days. They should be your go-to pants on period days as they are super comfortable and will keep you breezy all day long without compromising on your style, even for a bit. POPxo Recommends: Striped Palazzo Pants (Rs 1,539), Wide Leg Pants With Suspenders (Rs 1,799)

2. Jeggings/ Leggings be the saviours

2 best things to wear on your period Jeggings are officially the most comfortable fashion pieces ever made. They can prove to be your best friends when you’re on your period as they won’t restrict your movement and are comfier versions of jeans. Slip into jeggings, leggings and treggings when bloating is as its best. POPxo Recommends: High Waist Leggings (Rs 495), Olive Green Slim Fit Treggings (Rs 560)

3. Dark jeans be the best

3 best things to wear on your period Bid your ‘staining fears’ goodbyel by sporting dark coloured jeans whenever aunty flo pays you a visit. Skip the skinny jeans and slip into boyfriend versions to be super comfortable and also look cool! POPxo Recommends: Blue Boyfriend Distressed Jeans (Rs. 1,499), Blue Boyfriend Distressed Jeans (Rs 1,249)

4. Long shirts FTW!

4 best things to wear on your period Concerned about your pad lines showing? Worry no more ladies! Sport long shirts and tops while you’re on your period as they will cover your butt and crotch area with utmost perfection leaving no scope for peekaboos! Also, long shirts look super chic with everything, you can even layer them over a top to look uber cool. You’ll love how effortlessly stylish you look!
POPxo Recommends: Snap-Button Tartan Plaid Shirt (Rs 1,399), Plaid Button-Front Shirt (Rs.1,119)

5. High waisted everything

5 best things to wear on your period Feeling bloated? Let high waisted pants or skirts rescue you. Wear A-line, high waisted long skirts or high waisted pants for a comfortable outfit that’s super chic. You’ll look great while feeling good all day long! POPxo Recommends: Button-Front Maxi Skirt (Rs.1,399), Tie-Waist Trousers (Rs.1,119)

6. Comfy in kurtas

6 best things to wear on your period Image: Sonam Kapoor On Instagram This one’s a no brainer. Every Indian girl has this one item in her closet and loves wearing it. Kurtas are really comfortable and are excellent period-wear clothes. They are comfy, easy, breezy and work for pretty much any occasion! POPxo Recommends: Printed Straight Kurta (Rs. 799), Straight Kurta (Rs 999)

7. Cool sweatpants

7 best things to wear on your period Sweatpants are so cool and comfy that even our bollywood babes swear by them. The best part? You don’t need to be going to the gym to wear them! They’ve officially become a cool-girl style staple that you can wear just about anywhere. No wonder athleisure is every fashion girl’s fave new trend! They look effortlessly chic and are perfect for wearing while on your periods. Choose them in dark shades and rock them with cool t-shirts and sneakers. Trust us, you’ll look uber chic! POPxo Recommends: Broken Heart Graphic Sweatpants (Rs.1,399), French Terry Knit Joggers (Rs.1,119)

8. Pretty maxi dresses

8 best things to wear on your period Stay comfortable and breezy all day long in maxi dresses. Get them in different prints and colours because you’ll never want to get out of them. Maxi dresses will make you look pretty and girly without putting in much effort.
POPxo Recommends: Red Ruffles Maxi Dress (Rs 1,999), Purple & Pink Printed Maxi Dress (Rs 1,091)

9. Kool kaftans

9 best things to wear on your period Loose kaftan tops and dresses should be your go-to clothes while you are on your periods. You can wear them with jeggings and pants for a super cool, yet comfy outfit! POPxo Recommends: Women Black Printed Kaftan Dress (Rs 1,319), Pink Printed Kaftan Top (Rs 750)

10. Perfect PJ’s

10 best things to wear on your period Do we really need to say anything about this one? Periods + PJ’s + Netflix = best combination ever! POPxo Recommends: Hello Weekend PJ Set (Rs.1,589), Wide-Leg Heathered PJ Pants (1,059) Have a happy period, ladies! Images: Shutterstock