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Daddy’s Girl: 15 Gifts To Make Him Smile This Father’s Day!

Daddy’s Girl: 15 Gifts To Make Him Smile This Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is right around the corner, girls! It’s on 18th June, to be specific. We all know how much you love your old man. There is no other man in this world you look up to in this world quite like the way you look up to your father. He is one man who has given you everything you could have possibly wanted, sometimes without even you asking for it. Now, it’s your turn! Here are 15 gifts for father’s day every daddy’s girl should buy!

1. Keep him healthy the smart way!


Make sure he stays active and healthy with this activity tracker. It connects to your smartphone and also lets you monitor heartbeat rate.  He can actually figure out what is working and what is not on his next run and doesn’t need to carry his phone all the time!

Price: ₹ 1299. Buy it here.

2. A punny cushion cover


A cute little cushion cover to show him that he is the cutest creature in your life. Also, look that newspaper in his hand, that is every father’s accessory, right?

Price: ₹ 349. Buy it here.

3. A special coffee mug


Something to remind him of his ‘Star Wars’ days! This mug is what he’ll be sipping his morning tea/ coffee in while he reads the newspaper!

Price: ₹ 90. Buy it here.

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4. Awesome cufflinks


Just because your father is getting, well, not younger by the day… Doesn’t mean he can’t pull of quirky stuff like these cufflinks. Let him wear them to office for a fun day!

Price: ₹ 559. Buy it here.

5. For his mooch and beard love


Every man loves his mustache and beard. Now, here is something that will actually help him get his beard game on! A beard wash and softener so your mom loves the beard too!

Price: ₹ 585. Buy it here.

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6. A little funky keychain!


His car keys will never feel the same again! Get rid of the boring old black keychain and replace it with this super cool one.

Price: ₹ 245. Buy it here.

7. To leave him smelling great always!


Affordable and effective, this eau de toilette is perfect for your dad. Even after long days, all he has to is spray it on and he’ll be ready to go!

Price: ₹ 1140. Buy it here.

8. A cookbook he will love


Now, your dad might not enjoy cooking but you know he loves BBQ days. They just bring a shine to his eyes, don’t they? Here is a book that he would love to explore on Sunday morning and cook you something awesome!

Price: ₹ 311. Buy it here.

9. Stylish sunnies


And while he is busy BBQ-ing on a Sunday, these sunnies will protect his eyes from all the harmful sunrays. It has been getting quite hot lately, hasn’t it?

Price: ₹ 584. Buy it here.

10. Sunglasses holder


But, of course, your father can’t wear the sunnies all day. And there is a chance he might keep them somewhere and forget all about them. Not anymore! He can just place them on this sunglasses holder and they’ll always be right there!

Price: ₹ 140. Buy it here.

11. Fancy speakers


Won’t you love for your dad to listen to his old 90s favourite classic songs on this one? He would be ecstatic to know everyone in the house can hear him now and not just him.

Price: ₹ 1299 Buy it here. Buy it here.

12. A cute colourful tie


While your father might have tonnes of ties, what he really needs is a funky coloured tie to add a little zing to his wardrobe!

Price: ₹ 479. Buy it here.

13. Some sugar rush


How cute are these cupcakes? Get them delivered to wherever he is and show him that he is, indeed, #1 in your life!

Price: ₹ 1149. Buy it here.

14. Whiskey glass set


Now, we all know fathers love a drink or two sometimes. Here is a set of personalized whiskey glasses with stones so that he can flaunt them when his friends come over!

Price: ₹ 1600. Buy it here.

15. Beard trimmer


He might love his beard but sometimes (after your mother’s lectures) he might just decide to trim it. Get him this electronic trimmer because the regular ones are just so passé!

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

So, what are you gifting your daddy dearest this father’s day?

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08 Jun 2017

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