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This Ad Is A Beautiful Take On What Happens When Your Coworkers Become Your Family

This Ad Is A Beautiful Take On What Happens When Your Coworkers Become Your Family

If you think about it–the workplace is like our second home. Afterall, it is the place that we spend most of our time at, right? This is exactly why we are of the belief that our workplace relationships are very important because from our productivity levels to our mental health, they pretty much impact it all. Thus, this goes without saying that lucky are the ones who find a second family at the workplace and colleagues who support them through it all. 

P.C. Chandra Jewellers latest advertisement is a beautiful take on the same and shows what happens when your co-workers become your family. Very fresh and innovative, the ad revolves around an office wedding that takes place after work hours at the workplace itself.

In the ad, two colleagues are getting married and everyone else in the office helps them with the wedding preparations. As soon as they get done with their office day, all the co-workers join in to make the arrangements and help the bride and groom get ready. While the groom slips into a simple sherwani, the bride is dressed in a beautiful pastel lehenga perfectly accentuated by her gorgeous diamond jewellery. 

However, the bride is shown to be a little dejected given that her family is not there to bless her for the wedding. Her heart sinks when the registrar asks for someone from her family to sign as the witness. This is when her senior arrives at the moment and says, “Shalini sirfmeri junior hi nahi, meribetijaisihai.(Shalini is not just my junior but also, like my daughter).” It is a very touching ad and you’d have to watch it to understand what we are talking about. Here is the video:

At a time when our homes have become our workplace, it is indeed heart-warming to get a reminder of the amazing times that we have all had in our offices. From the chai breaks to the never-ending scrum meetings, wasn’t everything super fun with our office besties at our side? Well, here’s to the epic office friendships, the unyielding support, and workplaces that start feeling like home! Share this story with an office colleague that you miss working with the most!

This is a sponsored article for P.C. Chandra Jewellers.

23 May 2021

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